Customer Referral Program

Program Overview

- Earn 10% on all eligible orders placed through your listed referral efforts for 90 days from the date of your order. *

- Eligibility is simple….simply place an order on**

- Click the "Refer and Earn" link on your order confirmation page or your orders emailed receipt and share our services through your social media accounts and/or email.

- Your email address is pre-loaded and will be used to communicate payout amounts after the 90 day period has ended with redemption options such as Paypal payments, etc…

*The custom link provided in the programs email and integrated into your social media ad placements must be selected by the referred in order for our system to track the sale and compute the 10% commission due.  Redemption amounts under $10.00 are not eligible for payment by check and must be paid through Paypal payments.

**Orders placed then subsequently refunded will result in the customers removal from the program.  This program is only eligible to actual customers.  For commercial/agent referral inquiries please email us detailing your ideas…we would love to hear them.