Ship Large Holiday Packages Long Distance Affordable

ship large holiday packages


Celebrating the holidays with loved ones and exchanging gifts is part of the magic of the season. If your family lives across the country, sending presents back home takes on a special importance. We have some suggestions to help you find a better way to send your packages long distance. It is time to think outside the holiday gift box!


Organize, Wrap and Ship


Pre-planning is key if you want to get your packages out before the rush. Make a list of what each family member is getting and start shopping early. Set up a staging area (in an unused guest room) where you can organize the presents, wrap them, and get them ready to ship.


Send Everything to One Location


If everyone gathers at Grandma’s house to open presents, consider sending your wrapped gifts together in one large shipping box. It will keep individual packages from getting lost in transit and give added protection to fragile items. The presents can be waiting under the tree! Ship multiple boxes (one for each family coming) to the same destination and earn extra discounts.


Don’t Worry About Weight


When sending individual packages, weight can be a concern. By combining all your gifts into one box and sending it using a parcel service, you can add things you otherwise would have left out. Fill your box with gifts, stocking stuffers, and homemade treats. Use your imagination and plan a fun box for your family to open.


Go Ahead and Buy That Odd Sized Gift


Have you ever found the perfect gift for someone and put it back because it would be too difficult to ship? Go ahead and buy that golf bag or snowboard. Sure, you can order on the web and have it shipped but will an online retailer stuff monogrammed golf balls and other tchotchkes inside the bag for that special someone? Sending it via a parcel service allows you to personalize the gift.


The Joy of Giving


Don’t let the delivery deadlines and long lines at the post office add stress to your holiday. Shop early, wrap the gifts, and craft a box filled with love. Send your long-distance parcels soon and beat the rush. Since all the presents inside are wrapped, having the package arrive early will not ruin the surprise. Recapture the joy of giving by discovering a new way to ship your holiday gifts. – Passing the Savings on to You


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Large Holiday Package Shipping