Keep Those College Care Packages Coming, Mom!

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It seems like forever from the start of the new school year to Thanksgiving break when your college student returns home. Did they forget to pack something? Are they running out of supplies? Maybe, they just miss home. The best way to remind them you are thinking of them is with a care package.


They Really Do Love Them!


Students look forward to care packages even if what you hear is “Oh Mom!”. It is not what is inside that matters but that you took the time to send it. It is a piece of home that lifts their spirits. Everyone likes to know someone is in his or her corner looking out for them.


Make Your Package Fun and Practical


Whether you are new to this age-old tradition or an old pro, the fine art of crafting a desirable gift box takes planning. Combining a mixture of fun and practical items is the best bet. Decide on how many boxes you would like to do throughout the year. Scheduling them on your calendar helps you plan and catch things on sale.


Throw a “Build a Care Package” Party


Have fun creating your boxes by throwing a “Build a Care Package” Party. Contact other parents from your child’s college to meet to put packages together. They should bring enough of one item for each student getting a box. Assemble the boxes, talk and have fun. Sending multiple boxes to the same location is an excellent way to save on shipping.


What to Add to the Box?


Need some ideas on what to include in your next care package? Here are a few suggestions:


  • Single serve food items Breakfast and dinner selections
  • Microwaveable cookware – Bowls and dishes
  • Food storage containers - Ziploc bags, plastic canisters
  • Snacks – healthy and not-so-healthy
  • Laundry items – detergent pods, dryer sheets
  • Cleaning products – disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner
  • Holiday decorations – to put on their dorm room doors
  • Electrical cords – extra surge protectors, phone chargers
  • Clothes – Winter jackets, socks, underwear
  • Toys – Video games, board games, deck of cards, Nerf balls
  • Linens – Towels, washcloths, sheets


Be Careful How You Ship Items


You want your supplies to get there in one piece so take care in how you pack them. Store all liquid items in plastic bags. Use Ziploc bags to hold electrical cords. Roll clothes to pad breakable pieces like cookware. Store homemade treats in old Pringle cans or hard-sided gift boxes to avoid breakage. Yes, your student can easily pick these items up for themselves but care packages keep them focused on studying not searching for a store. Knowing that you are thinking of them is the best gift they can receive. – Passing the Savings on to You


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