Finding the Perfect Part at a Classic Car Swap Meet and Getting It Home

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Looking for that elusive auto part to finish restoring your classic car? Then head to Hershey, PA for the Antique Automobile Club of America Eastern Division National Fall Meet October 4-7. Classic car restorers from all over the globe make the pilgrimage every Fall to experience one of the world’s largest old-car flea markets. With over 10,000 vendor spaces selling everything from original stock parts to memorabilia, Hershey has something for everyone.


Leave the Trailer at Home


As original parts become scarce for your classic car, traveling to auto swap meets can be your best bet for finding what you need. If a multi-day road trip with a trailer in tow dampens your enthusiasm, consider flying to your destination. Depending on what you need, shipping the items back to your garage can be a win-win. You can avoid the long drive and be ready to brave the crowds on the first day of the event.


Find Where Your Vendor Will Be


Start your search online. Find a company that carries what you need and determine what shows they are attending. Whether it’s a fender, bumper or wheel rim, seeing the piece in person helps you assess the actual condition of the part. Buying online can be a risky prospect unless you are dealing with a reputable seller.


Will They Ship Your Purchases?


Not all retailers will ship. Reach out to them ahead of time and ask. Research delivery services in the area as a backup plan before attending the event. It will give you time to shop for the best price and determine which ones do not handle odd-sized packages.


Tips for Securing Your Auto Parts to Ship


Many shipping companies will pack the car parts for you. If you must do-it-yourself, here are a few tips to make sure the items arrive intact:


  • Take pictures – Document the condition of the entire part. Do this whether you pack the box or the shipper does. Photos can help you if you need to file an insurance claim.
  • Protect the edges – Cover the edges of fenders, hoods and door panels with padding to protect them.
  • Cover surfaces – Wrap the parts in padded blankets to keep paint and metal from being chipped or scratched.  
  • Use sturdy boxes – Don’t underestimate the ability of auto parts to beat their way out of a flimsy box. Insulate headlights, mirrors and instrument panels securely with foam or bubble wrap.
  • Don’t spare the tape – This is precious cargo so use lots of packing tape on boxes and to secure the wrappings.
  • Information – Put your shipping information on at least two sides so it can be seen by the delivery person no matter which side is up. – Passing the Savings on to You


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