Want to Save Some Money? Get Smarter About Your Shipping

Want to know the least expensive way to ship packages? It depends on how big, how heavy, how many and how fast you need them. These 11 tips will help you save money on shipping anything from auto parts to breakable items.

1) Try One-Stop Research

Comparing rates among the different shipping services takes time. Instead of going to individual websites, try ShipGooder. It is a comparison app that looks at more than one delivery service at a time. Type in the size, weight and destination, and ShipGooder will list your options.

2) Plan Ahead

You hear it all the time, ship early. Packages that do not have to arrive quickly get the best rates. The faster the delivery time, the higher the prices. For small shipments, it is hard to beat the United States Postal Service USPS. Standard or Parcel Post is still one of the least expensive ways to ship small, lightweight boxes.

3) Reuse Materials

Save money on packing materials by reusing boxes and bubble wrap. Keep and store them from shipments you receive. When using a recycled box, make sure to remove any previous labels or black them out with a marker. Doing this keeps your package from being shipped to another location inadvertently. Use extra packing tape on older boxes to make them more secure.

4) Get Creative with Padding

If you have a fragile item and no bubble wrap, get creative. The primary objective is to keep the piece from shifting around in the box. Reuse old egg cartons (cleaned, of course), cut-up pool noodles or plastic to-go cartons. Pad items by wrapping dish or bath towels, socks or bags of cotton balls around them. One of the best ways to package a fragile object is to place it securely inside a small box, then place this box inside a larger one with plenty of padding to keep it immobile.

5) Use Free Supplies

The post office supplies free boxes and labels. Using one of the lobby kiosks will also keep you from having to stand in line. UPS and Fed Ex offer free supplies when you sign up for an account. If you have the room to store saved packaging materials, build your stash throughout the year.

6) Find A Perfect Match

Whether you are sending a large package or a house full of stuff, UShip will match your order with transport companies. It’s similar to a dating app, only for your shipping needs. Input the details for the shipment and wait to receive bids from participating services. This could also be useful for shipping vehicles.

7) Bag Clothes with Care

Many eBay sellers recommend using polyvinyl mail bags if you are shipping clothes that weigh less than 13 ounces. Anything over that, use a flat-rate box from the post office. Do not risk having the bag burst if you overfill it. Wrap the entire bag in packing tape to secure it.

8) Weigh Books

If you are sending a few books, the post office offers a media rate that is relatively low. The weight limit is 50 pounds and videotapes are not allowed. For a box of books over 50 and under 100 pounds, shipping via UPS, Greyhound Package Express or Busfreighter.com are your best options.

9) Send a Bike on a Train Ride

If mountain biking is your sport and you want to take a bike with you on vacation, think Amtrak. Their trains allow shipment of bikes up to 50 pounds and offer special boxes to help protect them. If your cycle does not match their size restrictions, consider using Greyhound Package Express or Busfreighter.com.

10) Leave the Driving to a Delivery Service

If you want your car available on your vacation but hate driving long distances, consider shipping it. Services like Shipping Sidekick can give you rates for up to 12 transport companies. Before deciding on any service, check their record with the Better Business Bureau or TransportReviews.com.

11) Have Your Box Take the Bus

A great option for sending large or irregular shaped items is our shipping partner, Greyhound Package Express. Greyhound offers discounts for college students, active military and veterans. If you’re sending multiple boxes long distance or odd-shaped items like car parts, however, your best bet is to book your shipment with us. Because we use the available space on Greyhound buses, the more you ship, the more you save with Busfreighter.com.

Busfreighter.com – Passing the Savings on to You

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