Cheap Bulk Package Shipping eBay Items with Confidence

cheap bulk ebay shipping


If you are an entrepreneur selling merchandise on eBay, you know how important shipping is to your success. All it takes is a few lost, broken or damaged pieces to start unfavorable reviews from showing up on social media. Give your products the best shot of reaching the customer intact by learning how to package correctly for shipping.


The Right Materials Matter


Using sturdy containers and quality packing supplies does make a difference. A carefully packaged item shows the customer you care enough to protect their purchase. New cardboard boxes can handle the rigors of transport much better than re-used ones. Whether old or new containers, securely tape all seams (top and bottom) for added security.


On the Bubble About Bubble Wrap?


Trying to save money? Don’t scrimp on the bubble wrap. Separate and wrap each item with a generous amount and tape securely. Wrapping a bundle of things like dishes together without padding in between can lead to breaks due to shifting during transport.


Leave No Space Unfilled


Your box should be larger than the item shipping. Give it at least two inches of room on all sides. Pad the bottom of the box with foam peanuts, packing paper or bubble wrap. Place the wrapped item in and fill around it. Include a packing slip inside the box. When finished, add protection on top and seal. Give it the shake test. If the contents rattle or move around, re-open it and add more filler.


You’re in the Shipping Business Now


Invest in a few tools of the trade like a shipping scale (to weigh items up to 35 lbs.) and a label printer. Most parcel services have apps to help you print their labels. Whether you send out single packages or bulk items, research a variety of companies to find the best rates. You don’t have to stick with just one! Know which has the best track record for handling fragile, irregular- sized and heavy containers. Check their website for any shipping restrictions.


Thank You for Shopping with Us


Increased sales are the objective but do not forget about customer service. By securely packaging an item before shipping, you are showing the buyer their business is important to you. Your efforts can garner your company raves on eBay and bring return customers. Isn’t it amazing what a little bubble wrap and tape can do, if used correctly? – Passing the Savings on to You


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