Tips for Long-Distance Apartment Moving: Comparing Shipping Options

An important step in the long-distance apartment move process is choosing the best method.

When you are moving a long distance away, you have three main options for getting your stuff from Point A to Point B - hiring 1) professional movers, 2) a rental truck or 3) a shipping company like

A shipping company is a great option if:

  • You’re mostly moving boxes and luggage.
  • You are able to move fragile or sensitive items such as electronics in your vehicle or on a plane but don’t have the space for everything you are moving.
  • The new apartment is already furnished, giving you little or no furniture to move.

Professional movers make sense if:

  • Budget is not an issue.
  • You’re moving more than five pieces of furniture.
  • You have a LOT of stuff and don’t know anyone where you’re moving to - who’s going to help you get all that stuff into your apartment?

A rental truck is a good choice if:

  • You have a couple room’s worth of furniture to move.
  • Friends or relatives are willing and able to help you get boxes and furniture to your fifth story walk-up.
  • You want a cheaper option than professional movers and you don’t mind a long drive in a large vehicle, including possibly towing your personal car behind the truck.

Regardless of which option is best for you, here’s how to make the move go easier.

  • Get organized - Moving, especially long-distance moving, gives you a lot to do, both moving out and moving in. Checklists that include items such as what you need to do for utilities, items to purchase, banking service in the area and more help eliminate stress.
  • Pack smart - Small boxes for heavy items (books, dishes), bigger boxes for lighter stuff (bedding, pillows). Label and/or color-code boxes so they go to the right room during move-in.
  • Bring what you need - Moving provides a great opportunity to de-clutter, assuming you can differentiate between what you need to have, and what you like to have. And remember reading about books in the “pack smart” tip? You can donate the ones you’ve already read or are never going to read.
  • Consider a furniture upgrade - We get it. You love that couch you’ve had since your first off-campus apartment; the kitchen table now in its third generation in your family; the dresser that is still functional, regardless of aesthetics. Is it really worth hauling that sort of furniture across a state or across the country? Is that what you want to lug up to your fourth-floor walk-up?

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