6 Tips To Help You Adjust To New City

How can you restart YOU? Moving to a new location and getting to know your new neighborhood are just the first steps.

Career move, desire for a different climate, getting closer to or further from family, just needing a change, finding your significant other – the reasons why 7 million Americans make a long-distance move every year are as varied as each mover. While most of us give at least some thought to the area where we may be moving, the time spent finalizing the new job, finding a place to live and getting through a successful move means we often get there knowing few people and having little idea of where to go for food, fellowship and fun. Get acclimated to your new home with these tips.

  • Embrace local dining. Your new neighborhood probably has several national chains where you can dine. If you want to get to know the area, though, wouldn’t it be better to dine in eateries owned by locals? Use an app such as Yelp to find a place with a good reputation for your favored style of food and go check it out (and don’t be Michael Scott, of The Office fame).
  • Check out local social media. Take St. Louis, Missouri as an example. A quick search on Instagram leads to feeds such as @explorestlouis, @StLouisGram, @bestfoodstlouis, @saintlouis and more. A Twitter search for the term “St. Louis” immediately leads to feeds for the St. Louis Symphony, St. Louis Magazine, the Cardinals baseball and more. These quick reviews for your new city can lead you to a variety of information about goings on in the area.
  • Volunteer. Making a difference can be easier than you think and you can make some new friends in the bargain. Even in an area where you know few if any people, there is always a way to find volunteer opportunities, thanks to sites such as Catchafire.org and Volunteermatch.org, among many others. If you have relocated for a new job, co-workers may have leads on volunteer opportunities, which are a great way to meet new people.
  • Get to the gym. One of the main reasons we move is for what we perceive to be better opportunities for ourselves, right? Push ahead with that new you by staying fit or getting fit. A cursory Google search will connect you with local gym options, 5k race opportunities, pickleball courts, footgolf leagues and more - whatever activity whets your whistle.
  • Find a church. In addition to your physical health, there’s also your spiritual well-being. Another easy Google search should give you options. Many churches offer a variety of activities every week, ideally providing you with an opportunity to check out different locations and hopefully helping you find what is right for you.
  • Decide on a go-to breakfast place. After you embrace local dining options, finding a good breakfast joint is a no-brainer. Sure, there’s IHOP, Denny’s, Waffle House and other national chains, but oftentimes the best breakfast places are the local, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you can embrace as your own. A good breakfast joint is also a fine meeting place for you and new-found friends, business meetings and brunch with family, when they come to town for a visit.

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