Plan Ahead If You Want Your Long Distance Move With Pets to Go Smoothly

Tame the wild animal in yourself -as well as your pets- when moving cross country.

Many customers are moving from one part of the United States to another, a life event loaded with excitement as well as some anxiety. If you’re also relocating with a pet, the stress can increase if you do not plan ahead.

Most pets thrive on routine - they can sense if it is a work day or stay-at-home day for their human, they have an idea when you’ll return home from work, they like to eat their meals about the same time every day. Preparing to move and moving are massive disruptions in your pet’s routine, and those disruptions can affect your pet’s behavior. You may notice they have little or no appetite, they cry or meow or bark more often, they have temper tantrums, act as if their feelings are hurt or (in case you own an alpaca) spit at you!

So how can you help reduce their anxiety, and in turn, some of your own?

  • Don’t Pack in Front of Pets. If you travel frequently, and the sight of suitcases is common, this may not be as big a deal. But boxes everywhere, even for cat owners, can tell your pet something’s up. Consider boarding your pet or perhaps plan a playdate with a friend for your pet while you are packing. As a bonus, that will keep them from getting underfoot while you are working.
  • Avoid “Shipping” Your Pets If Possible. Yes, you’re reading that right – traveling by public transportation (i.e., plane, train, bus, etc.) is very stressful for animals, not to mention expensive. If you are driving to your new destination and taking a pet or pets with you, this is another reason why you should keep as much space as possible in your vehicle. Use a carrier such as to get as much of your boxes and suitcases on a bus and out of your car so you have room for your animal companions.
  • Certain Pets Require Special Handling. You can move with fish, but you really need to plan ahead. Ditto for reptiles, birds, even goats. Add this item to your moving checklist so it gets taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Road Trip? Work in Some Extra Time for Breaks. Dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, reptiles, humans … no species cares to be cooped up in a car for long lengths of time. There are over 2,000 rest stops on America’s roads and highways - many include rest areas specifically for pets, too. Plan on taking advantage of them regularly during your trip. Stretch your legs and give your pet a bit of fresh air, even if that means setting a cage outside in the parking lot for a few minutes.
  • Have a Plan of Arrival. We hope you are already aware of any pet restrictions at your new living space. If you aren’t, you need to find out right away! Even if you’re moving to a home rather than an apartment or condo, you need to check for any restrictions. For example, some homeowner associations have restrictions on certain dog breeds. It would also be smart to know about boarding options and veterinarians near your new location as well. Just like packing for the move, unpacking after the move is not only time-consuming, you may be better off accomplishing at least some of it while your pet is safely tucked away.

How Can Help

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