Decide What You're Going to Keep, Then Move It for Cheap with

Long distance moves can be a challenge. Once you know where you’re going, the next step should be to decide which method to use - movers, rental truck or shipping.

Big households, full of furniture and the belongings typical for a family of three or more, are often limited to moving it all themselves with a rental truck or contracting with a moving company for a big haul. If it’s a one or two person move or maybe a short-term relocation (job assignment or college, for example), shipping with can be a viable solution. First, think about what you want to move, and why.

Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

The self-storage industry is a $38 billion business in the United States. It’s because we keep too much stuff. And we know it - consider that the A&E show Hoarders and its spin-offs have 118 episodes each. Almost all of them feature one hoarder and professional help like Matt Paxton, who offers tips on decluttering.

Clutter is a problem when it is time to move for one simple reason - the more stuff you move, the more it will cost. Need a few great suggestions on minimizing how much you have to pack? Consider three:

  1. Clothes: If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the last year, isn’t it time to let it go?
  2. Unopened boxes: If you still have boxes left unopened since your last move, do you really need any of the contents?
  3. Nostalgia: How many CD’s or books are sitting on a shelf un-listened-to or un-read in three or more years? Go digital and go on.

The Furniture Conundrum

Furniture can be especially difficult to part with due to the perceived cost. But look at what you have - did you pay top dollar or do you have a collection of second-hand, mismatched pieces? How does what you paid for it compare with the cost of moving it? If you rent a truck to get it to your new place, do you have someone to help you get it all inside? Sell or donate furniture locally before you leave and get yourself some brand new, nicer or “new-to-you” furnishings after you get there.

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