Shipping Luggage Without Extra Fees

Get your bags where they need to go. Save yourself some hassle by shipping luggage ahead with and Greyhound Package Express. 

Be it vacationing with family or work-related travel, getting your luggage to your destination and back seems to be an increasing struggle these days, and that struggle can present itself in different ways.

Consider airline bag checking fees. Fifteen years ago, none of the airlines charged to check luggage. Now, only one major U.S. carrier no longer charges for one or two checked bags (Southwest). Checking more than one bag per passenger? Get ready to fork over some dough. Major domestic carriers outside of Southwest, such as American, Delta and United, charge $25 for the first, $35 for the second and a whopping $150 for a third checked bag per passenger (unless you’re a member of their frequent flyer programs).

These fees add up when you consider this sort of scenario - a 10-day business trip with a few trade shows mixed in so you need to carry marketing materials and product samples with you. You’ll have extra bags to pack, which come with the extra expense. Could you overload a bag? Sure, if you don’t mind paying overweight baggage fees. A bag that weights one pound over the 50-lb. limit will set you back an additional $100 on most domestic flights, and it gets more expensive as a bag gets heavier. Even Southwest charges a $75 fee for an overweight bag.

There’s also lost and misplaced luggage. While the U.S. Department of Transportation reports only two to three airline passengers per 1,000 ends up dealing with lost bags, any time it happens to you, it is a major inconvenience. Even though bag storage company LuggageHero reports baggage lost by the airlines is at its lowest rate since 2012, they still predict over 500,000 mishandled baggage claims will be filed for the summer of 2018 travel season alone!

Whether it’s one hour, one day or one week, not having your luggage with you on a trip is an inconvenience that can be avoided. The potential expense of lost luggage, such as:

  • a missed business opportunity because your marketing materials didn’t make it in time
  • shopping for and buying a fresh set of clothes so you aren’t wearing the same thing for three straight days
  • time lost due to having to arrange delivery with the airlines of your bags, if and when they do arrive

…well, it adds up quickly.

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