Shipping Cross Country? Ensure that Your Packages Make it There in Good Condition

When most people think of weather-related issues affecting their shipments, they think of delivery delays. While this is the most common issue, Mother Nature can also wreak havoc on what’s inside your package. Take steps to protect your shipments from every eventuality. Learn how to pack defensively.

Rain, Snow and Searing Heat

Have you considered how the post office and big delivery companies transport your boxes? They ship primarily via trucks and planes. They head out in all types of weather, which means your packages are subject to the elements more than you realize. Imagine the contents of your box melting from the heat as the cargo plane sits on the tarmac. What can you do?

Deal with Mother Nature

  • Check the Weather Forecast – For time-sensitive shipments, double check the weather report for the route and destination. Ship early. Don’t let your company’s sales brochures miss the big convention.
  • Consider the Service – When temperature changes affect your items, opt for faster delivery. Economy is a cheaper rate but not if you end up replacing stuff.
  • Research the Destination – If your box is going somewhere that gets a great deal of snow, it is possible your parcel may be stuck outside in an unheated trailer for days. Items like perfume, electronics and photographs will ruin if exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Read the Insurance Policy – Most shipping insurance only includes damages due to negligence. They do not cover Acts of God, which is delivery speak for weather-related abuse.

Packing Defensively

Don’t rely on your shipping company to protect your packages. When packing a box, do everything you can to protect your items. Using a little extra bubble wrap or tape is less expensive than replacing it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

6 Ways to Weatherproof Your Packages

  1. Buy a Plastic Cooler – For $10 you can package things that are breakable or susceptible to moisture. These containers are insulated and virtually crush-proof. Package your items with bubble wrap and pack them in the cooler where they will not shift. Seal the container and pack it in a regular shipping box.
  2. Try Extra Large Vacuum Bags – Use these to ship clothes or linens that can be damaged if wet. They also help you pack more things in your box.
  3. Protect Books with Acid-Free Paper and Ziploc Bags – To ship books or papers, wrap them in acid-free paper first and then place inside a Ziploc bag. Pack the bags in a regular cardboard box and tape the bottom and top well with packing tape.
  4. Identify Pressure-Sensitive Items – If you are shipping something that might explode if the air pressure changes (in a plane or at high altitudes), let the shipping company know. They may not allow you to send it. To protect the other items in your box, place the pressure-sensitive piece in a plastic bag to avoid leaks.
  5. Dry Out Humidity Hassles – Desiccants are those little white bags used in pill bottles and other forms of shipment that have a drying agent inside that helps with humidity issues. Save them and re-use them in inside of boxes that include books, papers or anything that might warp from high humidity.
  6. Avoid Shipping Envelopes – Many parcel delivery companies have these but during the busy shipping season, envelopes get hung up in sorting machines that can tear them, exposing the contents to moisture and dirt. For sending important documents (when emailing or faxing is not an option) use a small box.

Take Extra Precautions When Packing

Next time you fly, check out the baggage being loaded onto the plane. If it is raining, watch the wet luggage being put in with the other cargo. Imagine your packages being crushed by dripping wet suitcases!You may think some of these measures are a bit extreme but taking a little extra precaution can save your packages. Remember, the best defense is a good offense. – Passing the Savings on to You

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