Keep Things Festive When Moving During the Holidays

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Whether you are grilling out over the Fourth of July or unwrapping presents at Christmas, holidays are a special time for families. Sometimes circumstances force you to relocate at the most inopportune times, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If moving during the holidays has you blue, here are a few suggestions to help keep things festive and fun amid the boxes and bubble wrap.


Choose Your Date


Need to move over Christmas? Avoid the hectic rush up to the holidays. Negotiate with the movers to come during the week between December 25 and New Year’s Day. Schools are out, offices are less busy and many employees take a vacation that week. This will allow you to celebrate Christmas Day with the family and then focus on the move.


Get Organized Early


Begin organizing your move as soon as possible. Determine what can be packed and stored in a guest room, garage or rental unit until the move date. Declutter the house of boxes and packing materials to give it a sense of normality. Dedicate one room where your family can celebrate the holidays (family room, dining room) and decorate. Go light on the festive trimmings since you must pack them immediately after the holiday.


Keep Your Traditions


Children do not understand why a Christmas tree is not up. Postponing a celebration does not register with them. Engage in your normal holiday traditions as much as possible. Schedule your move date after the actual holiday. Take a break from the packing (as hard as that may be) to enjoy the day with loved ones.


Round Up More Elves


Reduce the stress of a holiday move by bringing in reinforcements. Hired professional cleaners to come in and tidy your new home while you unpack. Get help setting up electronics, hanging window treatments or storing stuff in the attic. If your children are bouncing off the walls, let a babysitter take them to enjoy a holiday event. They can have fun and you can focus on unpacking.


Research Your New Location and Route


You may be preoccupied with the move but don’t forget to research your new city. Check for neighborhood holiday events that can hinder or delay the truck’s arrival. There’s nothing like traffic gridlock during a Christmas parade to add unexpected overages to your moving expenses.


Make Your Move Festive


If the only date you can move is an important family celebration, don’t let packing get in your way. Start early preparing for the movers. You may have to alter your family traditions but keep the festivities alive. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, start off this next chapter in your family’s history on a high note and leave your old home with fond memories. – Passing the Savings on to You


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