Learn how to overcome the added pressure of moving as you start the next chapter of your new life.

moving stress after divorce


Dealing with a life changing event like a death, divorce or job loss can be overwhelming. These events often require you to relocate during one of the most trying times in your life. The stress of moving, in addition to these events, can push you to your limit. Here are a few suggestions to help during this difficult transition.


Don’t Go Through It Alone


Stressful events like a job loss can cause you to shut yourself off from friends and family. Don’t go through a move alone. Ask loved ones to help organize or pack. They want to help you but often don’t know what to say or do. Let them be a part of the next chapter in your life.


Set Attainable Goals


With so many things needing to be sorted and packed, it is easy to get overwhelmed during a big move. Take one step at a time by setting attainable goals. Don’t try to tackle the entire house at once. Pack one room, then the next. Stay organized and on a schedule to keep things on track for the big day.


Move It Now, Deal with It Later


Experiencing a death in the family while dealing with a big move often means grief is put on hold. Sorting through a loved one’s belongings is emotionally draining and time-consuming. If you find yourself too emotionally fragile, ask a friend to help pack up their belongings. You can sort through them later when clearer heads prevail.


Avoid Emotional Decisions


If your move is due to a divorce try to sort through your belongings with an open mind. Avoid making snap decisions out of hurt or anger. Judge the item from a position of usefulness. Do you need it? Can you afford to replace it? If it does not serve you, get rid of it.


Help Yourself Heal


Emotional events in your life can drain your energy. Combat the effects of stress by getting sufficient rest, exercise and eating a proper diet. Take breaks from your packing. Moving is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are battling overwhelming anxiety, talk to a professional. Dealing with your move and situation will take time. It is important to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.


Your Move is a New Beginning


It is tough to say goodbye to the people and places you know but your move is a new beginning. Consider the positive prospects it brings. Whether your move is brought on by a life changing event or the desire for a change of scenery, preparing ahead of time keeps the strain of relocating to a minimum. Our best advice - face life’s changes head on and move forward into your new future.


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