Properly Pack Your Books to Protect Them During Your Big Move


Long-distance moves often pose a problem for book lovers. Packing an extensive collection of hard and softcover texts is tough work and can be expensive. Learn how to protect your library on their cross-country journey by packing them efficiently.

Prepare to Move Your Books

  • Purge your collection – It is a tough decision but reducing the number of books will help your budget. Donate some of your paperbacks. Convert the ones you cannot live without to e-books.
  • Use the right box – Small boxes (16”x12”x12”) are a perfect size. Make sure to use ones constructed of sturdy cardboard to reduce damage during transport.
  • Check for damp boxes – Recycled boxes that have gotten wet can burst. They can also harbor moisture and mold, which will damage your books.
  • Use wide packing tape – Securely seal the bottom of the box. It supports much of the weight. Do not skimp on the tape.
  • Label well – Besides marking the outside of the box, include your shipping address inside. The information will help if the box gets misplaced.

Do Not Overpack Your Boxes

Overpacking boxes makes them difficult to carry and likely to rupture if dropped. Do yourself a favor and keep the weight of each box to 30 pounds or less (remember who will be lifting them!). Partially fill each container. Pack lightweight items like clothing and linens on top and into any open spaces to prevent shifting.

Individually Wrap Special Editions

For special hardcover copies or photo albums, individually wrap them in acid-free paper. Do not wedge them tightly in the box. It can break the spines. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to fill voids instead. You can also place stiff cardboard dividers between each book to keep the spines straight.

3 Ways to Pack Books in a Box

  1. Upright – Place them just like they are on your shelves.
  2. Flat – Put cardboard between the bottom layer (your heaviest books) and the next.
  3. Spine in First – The pages face upward. Pack packing paper at the end of each row keeps the books closed and prevents the pages from getting torn.

How NOT to Pack Books

Avoid putting a book in with the pages down and the spine up. The book’s hardcover cannot shield if the top of the box gets crushed. The weight causes damage to the inside sheets and spine. It takes a long time to build an extensive personal library. Protect it by packing your books with care. Guarantee they make the long journey safely. – Passing the Savings on to You

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