Affordably Ship Gear & Packages Ahead on Motorcycle Trips

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Summer traffic is gone, cooler temperatures are here, and the open road is calling. If you have been itching to take a road trip on your motorcycle this Fall, we have some great tips for you. Don’t let packing logistics put the brakes on enjoying some of the scenic rides our country offers. It’s time to learn how shipping stuff ahead can lighten your load.


So Much to Explore


There are so many great destinations to explore on a motorcycle. Whether you choose the scenic roadways of the Blue Ridge Parkway or the awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Coast Highway, trips take careful planning. From organizing your route to choosing where you stay the night, review every detail beforehand. Start with this checklist:

  • Pre-trip Inspection – Make sure your bike is in good working order.
  • Map It Out – Mark your route on an actual map rather than relying solely on GPS.
  • Plan Stops – Know where you will stay for the night, get gas, and eat. Locate a shipping facility where you can ship souvenirs or equipment home.
  • Visit Attractions – Take time to sightsee. Plan these breaks into your ride times.
  • Carry Papers – Have the proper documents easily accessible, such as insurance card, registration, license, and a passport if you are crossing an international border.

10 Tips for Motorcycle Road Trip Packing

  1. Take Lightweight Synthetic Clothing – It dries faster than cotton.
  2. Use Ziploc Plastic Bags – Organize the inside of your saddlebags with gallon and larger-sized bags. They also make great boot liners to keep feet dry.
  3. Organize Based on Use – Put the items you need while riding on the right and other stuff on the left. It will keep you from having to search your bags continually.
  4. Bag Clothing – Pack a day’s worth of clothes per bag. You can pull out only what you need.
  5. Roll Clothes – They take up less room.
  6. Pack Cold Weather and Rain Gear – The conditions can change quickly so have them handy.
  7. Take Maintenance Supplies – Never leave home without a tire inflation kit, jumper cables, motor oil, your bike’s owner’s manual, and a multi-purpose tool.
  8. Remember First Aid and Emergency Stuff – Pack a flashlight, medical supplies, waterproof matches, emergency blanket, and phone charger.
  9. Load the Bike Correctly – Keep the weight low and toward the tank, the bike’s center of gravity. Distribute the weight evenly on both sides. Practice loading the bike and riding before your trip so you can reposition it.
  10. Adjust Tire Pressure – Account for the cargo weight of your bike, bags and rack. Consult your manual for the correct setting.

Keep It Light, Ship Ahead


The goal is to ride light. Include ways to lighten the load in your trip plan. Since you know where you will be staying, consider shipping hiking gear in advance, since backpacks, hiking boots, and tents add unwanted bulk. Not into doing laundry on the road? Ship fresh clothes to your hotel and have them waiting for you.


Impulse Buys and Unexpected Treasures


What do you do if you go to a rally and find the perfect part for your bike? No need to leave it behind. Scout out shipment centers ahead of time to handle potential purchases. Planning helps you prepare for the unexpected. – Passing the Savings on to You


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