Busfreighter.com’s Ultimate Guide for Long Distance Apartment Moves

apartment moving guide

Moving long distance to an apartment can be hectic and expensive. Busfreighter.com has some suggestions to guide you through the big move and hopefully save you money.

Do I Use Professional Movers, Rental Truck or Ship?

Decide how you want to move based on what you are moving and your budget. You can opt for a combination. For example, ship boxes with Busfreighter.com and move your furniture and fragile items in a small rental truck or hire a professional. Here’s a guide:

  • Professional moving company – Use if you have a lot of furniture, boxes and fragile items like electronics.
  • Rental truck – Good for limited amounts of furniture and boxes. Since you will be the labor force, factor in your time and energy when comparing.
  • Shipping company (like Busfreighter.com) – They handle mainly boxes, no large furniture or electronics and are more suitable for small apartment and dorm moves.

Preparing for a Move

Organizing a long-distance relocation involves lots of phone calls, emails and proactive thinking on your part. Here are a few items to address early, before things get crazy:

  • Do your research on movers, rental trucks or shipping companies – Check them out with the Better Business Bureau and websites like www.unpakt.com.
  • Know your rights – Protect yourself and your belongings by going to www.protectyourmove.gov to learn how to spot red flags when dealing with moving companies.
  • Call your insurance company – They may offer an additional policy or rider to cover the move. If they don’t, consider getting insurance through the moving company or a third-party insurer.
  • Take the time to declutter – Get rid of items you no longer need or use. Decluttering cuts down on the amount of stuff to pack and unpack.
  • Contact your new building – Find out if there are parking restrictions for the moving truck. Ask to reserve the freight elevator if your new home is a high rise.
  • Contact utility companies – Turn off or transfer services in your name, such as electricity, cable, telephone, high speed internet, water, garbage pick-up, etc.

Pack Boxes Securely

Because you want your belongings to reach their destination safely, learn how to pack boxes correctly. Many professional movers refuse to move boxes with contents that are not securely packed. They do not want to be responsible for any damages that may occur. Here are some tips to pack like a pro:

  • Use the right size box – Put heavy items (books, pots, pans) in small boxes and lightweight items (sheets, towels, pillows) in larger boxes. Avoid loading large boxes with too many heavy items.
  • Consider using specialty packing boxes – These containers are specifically designed to handle items like TVs, framed artwork, dishes and clothing. If you have any doubts about packing fragile items, let the professionals pack them for you.
  • Fill your boxes completely – Put heavier items (books, shoes, cookware) on the bottom and pack lighter materials like towels, linens and clothing around them.
  • Tape, tape, tape – You don’t want your boxes popping open.

apartment moving organization 4 Ways to Keep Your Move Organized

  1. Pack boxes by room – Avoid combining items from different rooms. It will save you time when you are unpacking.
  2. Keep an inventory – Record a general description the contents of each box, and number the boxes. This is helpful if you are storing some boxes and unpacking others.
  3. Label boxes in multiple places – Help the movers out by putting your information and where the box goes (living room, bedroom, kitchen) on each. Labels should be easy to read.
  4. Make a “Move Day” folder – Create a folder with important phone numbers, contracts, insurance policy and new location contacts. Give a spare copy to a friend or relative not involved in the move in case yours is misplaced.

The End of the Long Journey

Moving days can be very stressful. It is easy to forget things. Pack items you might need immediately upon arrival (personal items like medications, cell phone charger, laptop) in your suitcase. Once the movers leave, congratulate yourself! Your pre-planning and preparations have made this a successful move. Sure, you have plenty of boxes to unpack but right now, it is time to introduce yourself to your new pizza delivery guy!

Busfreighter.com – Passing the Savings on to You

save on apartment moves

Busfreighter.com , although not appropriate for full service moving with furniture and appliances, it is a perfect way to ship boxes of clothing, books and other miscellaneous household items long distance to your new apartment or dorm. Teaming with a company like Greyhound, that has been transporting passengers and packages for over a century, allows us to pass substantial savings on to you. If you are trying to budget for a cross-country move, consider the Busfreighter.com advantage and discover a better way to ship multiple boxes long distance. Visit www.busfreighter.com, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order.