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How do you make short work of a long-distance move over Labor Day weekend?

The traditional end of the summer season in the United States, Labor Day Weekend is a signal that change is in the air. The days are shorter, kids are returning to school and we pack up “summer” for another year, close the beach house and get back to the regular routines of life.

Labor Day Weekend is also a holiday, one last chance to linger by the lake or the sea or the pool and relax. So, how do you make short work of a long-distance move over Labor Day Weekend? Keep this advice in mind.

Organize Early – There’s no rule that says you shouldn’t take a moment on a rainy day to plan your packing for the Labor Day Weekend move (you know at least one shower will cool it off during the summer). What can you get rid of, so you don’t have to move more than necessary? What stays? What goes with you and what can be shipped? Plan your Labor Day celebration, too. Who will you invite? Grill fest or clambake? Patio or sandy beach?  It’s worth it to plan your holiday downtime as well.

Take Care on the Road - Holiday weekends tend to see extra drivers on America’s highways, and that can lead to speed traps on your route. A speeding ticket could dampen the enthusiasm you’ve built up for a new adventure, if you’re moving to a new place … or it could simply ruin your trip. You may also encounter more distracted drivers, so stay aware behind the wheel.

Call in Reinforcements - If you have someone who is helping you with the move, fantastic - the division of labor will help destress the experience. If not, or if you need more help, call in professionals. In addition to cleaning and moving out of your summer place, investigate having the new place or permanent home professionally cleaned before you get there. If you have a lot of stuff to haul to a fourth-story walk-up, try finding movers online who will work for affordable hourly rates. They’re easier to find than you’d think. Ditto with help setting up your electronics, such as a Wi-Fi network or home entertainment system.

How Can Help

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