As Moving Day Approaches, Help Your Teenager Deal with the Change

dealing with teenager during move


Organizing and moving your family is a hectic job. There are so many things to do before the big day it is easy to overlook how it is affecting your family, especially your teen. Leaving the people and places they call home is very stressful. Here are some suggestions on how to help them make a smooth transition to their new home.


Get Your Teen’s Input


From the start, talk to your teenager about the big event. Have them research the new neighborhood and schools to find places and activities that interest them. Get them excited about the move and their new home. If they are old enough, have them find out when they need to register for school and reach out to their new guidance counselor. It will help lessen their anxiety when you take them for orientation.


Give Them Tasks


During a move, everyone needs to pitch in. Put your teen in charge of packing their room or helping their siblings. Let them create a family calendar of when move related events take place.


If you are traveling across the country as part of the move, have them map out the route and plan places to stay along the way. Keep them busy to take their mind off leaving.


Start a Journal, Scrapbook or Video Blog


If your teen is sad or angry about the move, suggest they start a journal. Encourage them to write about their feelings. Let them know it is ok to feel this way. Suggest creating a photo or scrapbook of their favorite people and places to take with them. If writing is not their forte, recommend documenting the big move on a video blog.


How Do They Want to Say Goodbye?


Help your child deal with the sadness of leaving. Discuss how they want to say goodbye to everyone. Plan a party, cookout, or sleep-over to let them spend quality time with friends. Be sure to collect contact info from everyone so they can keep in touch.


Talk to Your Teen


It is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of moving activities and not see the stress your family members are experiencing. Speak to your teen and let them know you understand. Help them to see the transition as a new beginning with unlimited possibilities. After all, moves are about fresh starts. – Passing the Savings on to You


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teenager stress during move