Keep Costs Down On Your Move By Shipping with BusFreighter

To keep costs down on a long-distance move, you must get creative. You can purge all your belongings and start over in a new location (harsh, but an option). You can move it all yourself (almost always leaves you exhausted and wishing you used option one). You can also tell your stuff to take the bus (that’s right – it’s a thing and it could save you cash). Don’t know the bus can help you move? Well, we’re going to show you how. - Authorized GPX Reseller

Your stuff can take a Greyhound bus! Moving boxes this way costs a lot less than you might think. Greyhound has been transporting passengers and packages for over 100 years, traveling to 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces, so you can ship boxes almost anywhere. What if you need to move lots of boxes? Greyhound’s shipping division, Greyhound Package Express (GPX), sends their customers to for the delivery of multiple parcels. For over 10 years, has been the only authorized reseller for GPX.

The More You Ship, The More You Save

Now that your mover’s mind is feverishly working overtime, here’s another fun fact: with, the more you ship, the more you save (Tada! Mind blown!). The maximum size box allowed is one with dimensions no larger than 30-inches x 47-inches x 82-inches and weighing less than 100 lbs. (think how much stuff you can move in boxes that size). Before you get too excited, remember you’re the one who will be carrying those boxes around when they get delivered. The average size moving box is an 18- x 18- x 24-inch, medium-sized container that holds around 40 lbs.

Everything Can’t All Go Under the Bus

You cannot ship your large pieces of furniture on a Greyhound bus. Shipping boxes with can help reduce the size rental truck you need or the number of belongings you want to send with professional movers. Fragile items like china, crystal or electronics are not suited for riding beneath a bus. Things like books, clothes, linens, pots, pans and some odd-shaped packages are.

What a Deal!

How do prices compare to other carrier services? In a recent side-by-side comparison, sending 10 boxes (weighing 40 lbs. each) from Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA, is an estimated one third the cost of the competition. That is an amazing 400 lbs. of stuff you would not have to load onto a rental truck! Even with adding the convenience of door-to-door service, prices can still come out on top (est. $452.80 door-to-door). You pack the boxes and they pick them up. Can you say deal?

Let and GPX – Move You There for Less

If you are planning a long-distance move, it’s time to tell your stuff to hop a bus out of town. Take advantage of our great discounts from and the service network of Greyhound Package Express. Let us move you there for less! Visit, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order.