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Every year during spring and fall, thousands of families move students into and out of college residence halls and apartments across the country. How will you stay stress-free on moving day?

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Station to station or door to door, has great rates for a variety of shipping needs, including multi-box, oddly shaped and oversized packages. Fill out our Instant Quote & Ordering form and get the process started. Meanwhile, try these college moving tips on for size:

Moving Out

Springtime means the end of the semester is coming up, with students moving home for the summer or graduating and moving on. Somehow, the incredible number of things they acquire while living in a residence hall or off-campus apartment multiplies by spring, meaning all that stuff is likely not going to fit in the very small space reserved for it in the car. You’re in for a very crammed ride on the way home – unless you consider a shipping ahead with a service like

The week before finals, make sure your student has some shipping boxes to supplement their luggage - it is unlikely they have enough to bring all their clothes home. Jumpstart the process by ordering them a moving kit with boxes and packing materials. Ask them to start packing when time allows in their schedule. Determine if you want to use’s door-to-door service (more convenient) or if you would prefer to drop off boxes and suitcases at one of our service locations (more economical). can ship your student’s basics back while you enjoy a comfortable ride home with the family.

Moving In

With a little planning, shipping your student’s stuff before you all arrive on campus makes sense. Most colleges provide new and returning students with a practical moving guide that gives recommendations on what to bring and not bring to campus; the Off-to-College Checklist from College Board is a great example. With lists, your student will know what to pack, which will keep from having to send things back home with you after the goodbyes are done.

Does your student have a roommate? Planning also helps eliminate that awkward moment when they realize they have two fridges and no microwave to help them get through the semester. What to pack partly depends on the housing your student is moving into - residential halls usually don’t require additional furniture and apartments both on and off campus are often furnished. Make sure you know what is provided.

Shipping ahead can make a move-in much easier. Clothes and toiletries not needed during the trip, bedding, window treatments, kitchen items, office items - these are all good to ship. It is also important to know what not to ship: computers and other fragile items, and the paperwork your student may need to sign in at school, for instance. The college may allow you to ship directly to the dorm shortly before the move; check with the school for details. If not, plan your student’s shipment so you can pick it up near the college on the day you arrive. – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

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