Having a hard time dealing with the kids leaving the nest?

empty nest syndrome


Are your kids leaving for college soon? Perhaps they’ve graduated and they’re off to start a new life in another city. Before those feelings of loss start lingering and you come down with a case of Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS – it’s a thing), take charge of your new life! Here are five ideas to help motivate you to put down the tissues and expand your horizons.


1 - Get to Know Your Spouse (Again)


For years, your conversations have centered around the kids and their lives. Now, with an empty house, you finally have the opportunity for adult conversations. Talk about everything but your children. Re-discover what you have in common.


2 - Reconnect with Family and Friends


Over the years, how many invitations did you pass up your kids’ activities took center stage? Now is the perfect time to renew old friendships or to spend more time with aging relatives. Plan a cookout, go bowling or spend a weekend at the beach.


3 - Follow Your Passion


Your bucket list has probably been collecting dust. Drag it out and start checking off a few items. Take art classes, learn to ride a horse, or start that business. Refocus your priorities on your own life and dreams. Your children will be your biggest cheerleaders.


4 - See the World


If your life has revolved around work, kids, and the grocery store, set the travel bug free. Get out and explore the places you have always wanted to go. Plan trips with your spouse or family members. Get out the fishing pole for that fishing trip with your buddies. Re-discover what GNO’s (Girls Night Out) is all about. You need to set some boundaries though, make your child’s college off limits.


5 - Think of Downsizing as a New Adventure


Now that the kids are on their way, is your house too big for the two of you? If you no longer want to deal with the upkeep and expense of a large home, why not declutter, pack what’s left and move? The key to re-inventing yourself as an Empty Nester is to realize that you’ve done a good job raising your children. Smart, independent and ready to take on the world, they know you are in their corner. Now, get out there, find your dream retirement home, and show them they inherited their independent spirit from you.


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kids leaving the nest