Moving your stuff home from college? has the solution

ship boxes from college

If you are headed home from college, preparing for a long distance move, let show you an inexpensive way to ship your stuff for less.

Instant Quote & Ordering

Why put yourself (or your parents) through a cross country road trip to get your stuff home from college every school year? offers substantial savings on multi-package shipments going to the same destination.

The process is simple. Visit, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order. Enter the number of boxes, their weight, dimensions and value; where you’re starting from and where you’re shipping to. Decide to have your boxes picked up for shipment or dropped off at one of our locations. Get your quote and order. Once we receive a payment confirmation, shipping labels are emailed to you. Print and secure them to all your boxes. Got questions? Live Chat or call our customer service staff, who will be happy to help.

cheap box shippingNot Sure What You Can Ship via

Your packages will be transported in the available space beneath a bus. Large pieces of furniture will not fit. Though great care is taken with your parcels, and Greyhound discourage customers from shipping highly fragile items due to the number of transfers associated with long distance shipments. Boxes of clothing, books and other miscellaneous household items are a perfect choice.

Keep Your Move Under Control. Here’s How

  • Make a color-coded list – It sounds like a lot of work but color coding boxes will help identify what needs to be stored and what should be unpacked.
  • Take photos – If you want your room back the way you had it, take pictures.
  • Use luggage – If your suitcases have wheels, pack heavy items in them, like pots and pans or books instead of clothes, then wheel them to transport. Greyhound buses will accommodate them. (make sure they don’t exceed the weight per piece limit!)
  • Don’t store in plastic – If you hang clothes in plastic bags inside wardrobe boxes, do not store them this way. Moisture can build up in the bags and mildew your clothing.
  • Label everywhere – Label the sides and top of your boxes. Include destination address and contact info.

Ship Your Student Back to College

Parents - when it’s time for your kids to go back to school, ship multiple boxes long distance via With a little pre-planning, your student can pick up their stuff when it arrives at one of our convenient locations. Better yet, have the boxes delivered directly to the dorm.

Top Tips to Get Your College Move Organized

1- Do Your Homework

If you’re moving your student to college for the first time, find out:

  • What’s included in a dorm room
  • What campus resources are available, such as volunteer on campus movers, dollies or carts
  • Delivery information, such as street address, whether the destination has a lobby or security, parking restrictions and a contact phone number

2- Meet the New Roommate & Get Social

Before you go shopping, have your student contact their new roommate. Share information to divide and conquer what is needed for their room. Use social media to ask questions about dorms, campus resources and where to get the best burgers!

3- Pack Wisely does not recommend shipping electronics or other breakable items. Pack items in boxes as securely as possible. Use clothing, towels and sheets to help pad contents and avoid shifting or breakage. Number boxes and keep a list of what’s inside. An inventory helps if a box is damaged or not delivered; to decide what to unpack immediately and what can wait.

4- Allow Plenty of Time for Delivery

Give your packages 7-10 days to arrive at their destination. provides an estimated time of arrival, with no daily updates. If you are having trouble coordinating your travel plans with your delivery, consider delaying their arrival until after you get to the destination. Shifting the delivery schedule can help you avoid the congestion of everyone moving into the dorm at once.

5- Be Prepared to Receive Your Shipment

Greyhound Package Express will call the delivery contact to let them know the packages are on hand and schedule an appointment for delivery. If you ordered self-service, they will call and let you know your shipment is available for pick-up at the station. The person receiving the shipment should have a photo ID, considering the number of deliveries being made during move-in week. Avoid having packages delivered to a loading dock or lobby where no one will be responsible for them.

college box shipping – Passing the Savings on to You

Teaming with a company like Greyhound that has been transporting passengers and packages for over a century, gives a competitive edge in the parcel delivery market and allows us to offer a variety of discounted services to you. Whether you are moving a family member across the country, to and from college, or a small business looking for ways to cut costs, consider the advantage and discover a better way to ship long distance.