Heading Back to College? Save a Few Bucks by Shipping with Busfreighter.com

Get that college trip moving by shipping cheap with Busfreighter.com.

Late summer is a time that sees literally millions of American students pack up and move to colleges and universities across the country. Here are some tips to make that move as seamless as possible.

What to take:  If you or your student are living in on-campus housing, the school’s residential life office will provide you with checklists of what to bring - and what to leave at home. Pay attention to that list! Every year at every school, freshmen whose parents have packed all their Earthly belongings into the family RV or a trailer expect it to fit into a space that averages about 130 square feet per resident. Not going to happen.

Small living spaces mean small storage spaces, so be smart with packing clothes. Do you or your student really need everything in your closet? And if you want to take a bicycle, where will you store it? If you want an extra chair for your dorm room beyond what is furnished, try for one that can fold up. Remember - space is at a premium.

Bonus tip - pay close attention to not only your move-in date, but the move-in time. Schools are increasingly specific about the student move-in schedule and will typically hold you to that timeframe, even if you make great time and get there 12 hours early.

If you are living in an off-campus apartment or house, consult with your roommates before packing to determine who is bringing what. Also, find out from the landlord what furnishings are already provided. Bear in mind that your apartment closets are most likely smaller than what you have at home.

How Busfreighter.com Can Help

Even though most of you agree taking everything you own to school with you is a bad idea, most families still find the drive to college move-ins to be a cramped ride. Coupled with the emotional experience for both you and your students (anxiety and pride for freshmen and their parents, best wishes for sophomores, juniors and seniors and a little parental relief at reclaiming your house), it is smart to consider lightening the load you’re transporting. Busfreighter.com can help by shipping the majority of your items via our budget-conscious partnership with Greyhound Package Express (GPX), especially if your college move is long-distance.

Not Sure What You Can Ship with Busfreighter.com?

Your packages are transported in the available space beneath a Greyhound fleet bus. Though great care is taken with your parcels, Busfreighter.com and GPX discourage customers from shipping highly fragile items due to the number of transfers associated with long distance shipments. Boxes of clothing and books or even furniture not yet assembled and still in the box are all great examples of items to ship.

When you arrive in your college town, you can pick up your shipment at the nearest GPX drop-off location before heading off to your dorm or apartment.

Bonus tip – check first whether your school will hold package deliveries until your arrival. If so, you can have multi-box shipments sent directly to your college or dorm building.

Busfreighter.com – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

The more you ship, the more you save! Together, Busfreighter.com and GPX have nearly 30 years combined experience facilitating package shipments via a nationwide bus network. Our service is a great way to ship multiple boxes across the country while keeping within your budget. Whether you are relocating to a new city or shipping purchases to Etsy or Ebay customers, Busfreighter.com is an economical way to send packages long distance. Visit www.Busfreighter.com, fill the Instant Quote & Ordering form, buy moving supplies direct from the factory and save.