Love Traveling But Hate the Airline Baggage Frustrations

airline baggage frustrations


Has airline travel lost its luster for you? If flying has you dreading baggage check-ins, sky-high luggage fees, and potentially lost bags, consider shipping ahead. Here are five reasons why you should lighten your load and re-think your travel routine.


1 - No Checked Baggage Fees


Most airlines do not charge for the first checked bag, only additional ones. If you are taking a long trip or traveling with children, limiting the number of checked items is a challenge. Overstuffed bags and cumbersome must-haves like strollers often become carry-on. Lighten your load. Ship suitcases and bulky items ahead to your hotel. Most will hold them until you arrive. Ask about their policy when you make your room reservation.


2 - Convenience


If you are traveling with multiple bags and looking at hefty fees, shipping may be your solution. The freedom the lack of suitcases affords can be worth the cost difference. You can sail by the check-in desk and head straight to security. If you are traveling with children, this can be a godsend.


3 - Dependability


Tired of lost luggage? Parcel services handle millions of packages every day. Arriving at your vacation destination without your bags (thanks to the airline) is an added layer of frustration you do not need. It can be expensive if you must purchase clothing until your suitcases arrive.


4 - Bag Tracking


It can take days to receive your lost luggage from the airlines. When you ship your bags, you can track them yourself. Delivery services send text messages with updates on your bags’ progress. Call the hotel to confirm their arrival.


5 - No Weight Limit Worries


Savvy travelers ship boxes home all the time. If you need to vacation with bulky items (sports equipment, medical devices, or winter clothing), ship them ahead. Stop worrying whether your bag is over the weight limit.


What to Remember When Shipping


Sending luggage to and from your destination takes a little organization. Here are a few things to remember when arranging your shipments:


  • Research – Shop around for the best deal. Scout out drop-off sites at your location to help cut down on pick-up and delivery charges.
  • Call your hotel – Ask if they can hold your bags until you arrive and if there is a fee.
  • Packaging – Ship suitcases as is or in luggage boxes that can help protect fragile items inside.
  • Label well – Put shipping labels with your name and reservation details on the bag or box. Include arrival date, confirmation number, and contact information. – Passing the Savings on to You


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