Take the Stress Out of Moving By Packing Like A Pro

Are you frustrated with packing? Does the sight of cardboard boxes everywhere make you break out in a sweat? Let go of the anxiety! Make the most of your move with these handy tips and take control of your packing experience.

9 Tips for Easier Packing

  1. Lose the Cardboard Boxes – Why buy cardboard boxes that you only recycle after the move? Consider renting plastic packing boxes. Companies like Gorilla Bins and Bin It offer these crush-proof, waterproof containers with free zip-ties, labels and pickup/delivery in certain areas.
  2. Create Vacuum Space Bags – No need to go out and buy them! Use heavy-duty garbage bags, rubber bands and a vacuum to reduce your mounds of blankets, pillows and clothing down to a workable bundle. Think of the boxes you will save.
  3. Organize with Coded Labels – Tired of not knowing what is in a box? Use an app like Sortly to visually organize the contents of a box. You take photos of what you are packing and the app will create a QR coded label to print. Scan the tag and you will see the contents of each box.
  4. Find the End of the Tape – Quit looking for the end of the roll of tape. Place a toothpick on the sticky side of the tape, about a half an inch from the end. Roll the tape around it. Remember to replace the toothpick every time you use the roll.
  5. Homemade Packing Material – Why buy bubble wrap or foam peanuts when you may be making your own? Shredded papers work great to pad items in boxes. To fill larger spaces, fill plastic grocery bags with the material and tie them. While you are repurposing things, clean recycled plastic bottles work great to keep objects from shifting in containers.
  6. Plastic Bags to the Rescue – Corral loose items into Ziploc bags and label them. Use these bags for papers, cords and furniture screws. Label your electronic power cords individually before putting them together inside one.
  7. No Leaks Here – Cover the openings of shampoo bottles and other liquids you must pack with plastic wrap, then tighten the caps back on.
  8. Cover Clothes – Use black garbage bags to cover hanging clothes. They are heavy duty enough not to rip and will keep your garments clean. You can also reuse the bags afterward.
  9. Use Oven Mitts – Pack your sharp knives by placing them inside oven mitts (cutting edge inward) and closing the opening with a rubber band.

Box Up the Essentials

During a move, do you find yourself continually digging through boxes looking for the things? Cut down on undue stress, create containers with the essential items you will need upon arrival at your new home. Clear plastic bins are an excellent way to organize these necessities. Here are a few suggestions on the type of kits you may want to create.

  • Weekend Stuff – Pack items needed for a couple of days like clothing, toiletries and medication. Use a bin instead of multiple suitcases.
  • Bed and Bath – Organize things like toilet paper, soap and towels that your family needs to get ready in the morning and for their evening routines.
  • First Aid – Accidents happen so have the basics on hand to take care of minor scrapes and cuts.
  • Tool Kit – Gather the tools you need to re-assemble furniture and handle repairs. Include a hammer, screwdriver, box cutter and scissors. Pack a plunger, too -just in case.
  • Food/Drinks – Pack enough food, snacks and water for a couple of days. Include paper plates, utensils, paper towels and the coffee maker.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Store garbage bags, cleaners, sponges and cleaning rags together. Make sure the liquids do not leak by putting plastic wrap over the openings.

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