Word About Busfreighter.com is Spreading Thanks to the Huffington Post

Cheap Shipping

Busfreighter.com is making news with our discounted rates! The Huffington Post features Busfreighter.com in a recent article, We Found A Cheap Way To Move Your Stuff Across The Country. After searching online, writer Suzy Strutner discovers what we already know - Busfreighter.com is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to move multiple boxes or irregular sized packages long distance. The good news is spreading.

Huffington Post Can Attest to Our Low Rates

It’s a big deal to have a publication like the Huffington Post validate our shipping rates as a real deal. Moving across the country is a major expense. When people learn about our affordable rates, they are shocked. How do we do it? Our partnership with Greyhound Package Express allows us to ship packages via their nationwide bus network for around $.70 per pound. If the bus goes there, we deliver there.

Shipping Packages Couldn’t Be Easier

Booking a shipment is simple. “Busfreighter.com quickly gave quotes online,” Strutner writes in the article. No setting up a website account or waiting on the phone for an agent. You have the choice to drop off your boxes at a Greyhound bus terminal or arrange for door-to-door pickup and delivery service for an additional fee. With a multi-package discount, the more you ship, the more you save.

No One Beats the Busfreighter.com Advantage

As the Huffington Post finds out, even with a side-by-side comparison, Busfreighter.com still beats the competition. To ship five large 40 lb. boxes from NYC to L.A., Busfreighter.com comes in at $161.60, while Amtrak is at $162 and Fed Ex is at $480.75. Even with door-to-door service, our rate of $258.80 beats Fed Ex.

Ideal for the Low Maintenance Mover

Busfreighter.com is ideal for the person who wants to ship multiple boxes, no furniture and doesn’t need delivery immediately. Just drop your boxes off at the nearest bus terminal, and in three to 10 days, they are ready for pickup or delivery. As the article says, Busfreighter.com is perfect “for the low maintenance mover” who isn’t shipping a sofa or Grandma’s china.

More People are Discovering Busfreighter.com for Savings

Ship Boxes for Less

As more and more people discover the Busfreighter.com advantage, the dread of shipping across the country fades. College students, small business owners and families moving long distance have realized substantial savings by shipping with Busfreighter.com and Greyhound. Thanks to the Huffington Post, more people have started thinking outside of the proverbial storage pod and giving Busfreighter.com a try. Now that’s a move in the right direction.