Simplify Your Shipping Experience with One of Our Three Service Methods

Wondering how to get multiple heavy boxes to the nearest parcel store for shipment without breaking the bank? Lots of companies offer services like door-to-door delivery – and charge you dearly for them. How can you save your budget and pick the options you want? has you covered. Select one of our three service methods and simplify your shipping experience. Pick the one that best fits your needs (and wallet)! You may never look at shipping the same way again.’s Shipping Service Options

1.Self-Service (Terminal-to-Terminal) Shipments – makes it a breeze to book your order online, drop off the boxes, and be on your way. You can deliver your items to either the nearest Greyhound terminal (use our Terminal Locator) or one of our convenient drop-off locations (CDL). Quick, easy and economical. When you have the time to use this option, it is the perfect solution.

2.Semi-Full Service (Station-to-Door or Door-to-Station) Shipments – Sometimes your day just does not cooperate. There is no time to take stuff to be shipped. Picking the semi-full-service option gives you choices. Having a delivery service pick up and get your packages to Greyhound saves the day. Then, have someone retrieve the items from the bus terminal upon delivery. Select the service that works for you on either end of the shipment process. Isn’t it nice to have something that works the way you need it to, when you need it to, and saves you money? That is the advantage.

3.Full-Service (Door-to-Door) Shipments – With full-service shipments, arranges service on both ends. A courier picks up the shipment, takes it to Greyhound, and delivers it to the destination. Hassle-free, convenient, and at a reasonable price. Just attach the labels and be there during the courier appointment window. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee until they arrive.

Online Booking Made Easy! Pick Your Service Option

  • Go to – Our easy online booking allows you to choose only the services you need. Provide the following information, get a quote, and begin the booking process:
  • Number of pieces to ship
  • Total shipment weight
  • Declared value
  • Origination zip code or city/state
  • Destination zip code or city/state
  • Place your shipment order – Once your information is input and payment finalized, booking is complete. emails your GPX shipping labels within one to 12 hours. Orders placed during regular office hours (Monday-Friday 9a-5p) get sent out quickly. After-hours orders or those booked on the weekends get completed next business day. Our office is closed on weekends or holidays.
  • Attach labels – Print, cut out, and tape the labels you receive on the boxes.
  • Drop off/ Pick up packages – Depending on the service method selected, take your shipment to the bus terminal, CDL, or give to a courier. Pick a four-hour pick-up/delivery window for the courier when you schedule the order. Provide any relevant information, such as the access is a walk-up or building has a freight elevator.
  • Have someone available – Greyhound calls when the shipment arrives at the destination. If you chose door-to-door service, this is when you would schedule final delivery. If no one is available when the courier comes, the shipment gets returned to the bus terminal, to hold for pick-up. An additional delivery fee is charged for rescheduling a courier. You can opt to have boxes left without a signature. Please make sure there is a secure place for us to put them. – Passing the Savings on to You

Isn’t it nice having the shipping experience you deserve, at an affordable price, and with the options you need? is the perfect solution for shipping multiple boxes and irregularly shaped items long distance. Because we utilize the unused cargo space on Greyhound buses, we can pass the savings on to you. The more you ship, the more you save! Consider the advantage and discover a better way to send your packages across the country. Visit, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order.