Are You Losing Repeat Customers Because of Shipping Problems?

Find the right shipping partner to help boost online sales and customer satisfaction.

You can tell an online company is serious about selling their product by looking at the quality of their shipping services. Poor fulfillment typically indicates that convenient, reliable shipping and a satisfying customer experience are afterthoughts that could ruin a sale. If you’re putting so much effort into building a successful online business, why ignore this critical step?

Going for the Big Reveal

Today’s ecommerce businesses are putting a great deal of energy into impressing their customers, so they’ll come back for more. Customers want to be wowed when they open a box – they’re even sharing these big reveals on social media with an immediate review that can either help or hurt your marketing efforts. Savvy ecommerce owners realize that shipping is more than getting packages from one place to another, it’s a key factor in their company’s brand. Those who have put thought into their product presentation and delivery are reaping the rewards of social shares and repeat customers.

Strategize Your Shipping Needs

How do you want to ship your products? How do you want your customers to react when they open your box? Map out how shipping plays a part in your business plan:

  • Pack to Protect – Whatever your product, make sure that the containers you use guard against any breakage and damage.
  • Make it Affordable – Not only for your bottom line, for your customer’s pocketbook. Keep your packaging costs down, while offering reasonable shipping prices for your customers.
  • Consider Shipping Options – A great way to attract buyers is to offer free shipping. Decide if your profit margin can handle this option for your customers. If not, consider charging a flat rate.
  • Create an Experience – When a customer receives one of your packages and opens it, how do you hope they’ll react? Make it an experience they will want to share.
  • Choose a Shipping Partner – Do your research and find a delivery service that offers great rates and reliable service. – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

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