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For over a century, Greyhound has traveled across 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces to reach 3,800 destinations. Eighteen million passengers travel aboard Greyhound every year but do you know those same buses also carry 2.2 million packages annually? It’s true! Greyhound Package Express (GPX) utilizes existing bus routes and excess baggage space to lower shipping costs in many cases far below traditional parcel carriers.

Save on Shipping with

By partnering with GPX, is able to provide incredible discounts to our customers. We’ve illustrated these benefits in a new infographic that highlights the different ways you can save by shipping with and GPX. Share it with your friends and family who are looking for an easy, economical way to ship packages.

A Better Way to Ship for Less, by consolidating thousands of individual customers online, are able to obtain substantial volume discounts with Greyhound Package Express that we then pass on to you. If the bus is going there, so can your packages.

When Should You Use

  • For bulk shipments - moving to a new home or returning to college? All those packages going to the same location can earn substantial multi-piece discounts.
  • For long distance and cross country – the longer this distance, the more you can save over traditional parcel carriers.
  • For irregular or oversized items – anyone that ships car bumpers, small furniture, antiques and crafts or anything that won’t fit into a standard size shipping box, like auto parts resellers, or Etsy and eBay sellers.
  • For residential pickup and delivery – convenience that’s available in most areas makes shipping multiple packages a breeze.

We Make Booking Easy

Our easy-to-use online booking system will have your shipment on its way in no time. Get an instant quote and order, all-in-one. Live chat with our customer service specialists if you have questions. Whether you choose to drop off your package at one of our convenient locations or have it picked up right at your door, and Greyhound Package Express offer great customer service at a great price.

The Advantage

With unapparelled transportation experience, Greyhound knows how to get people -and packages- where they want to go. Why pay the high prices of other package carriers? Let and GPX save you money and headaches. Isn’t it time you tried the advantage?