Protecting Shipments from Inclement Weather -

Shipping during the threat of inclement weather may mean exposing your packages to the elements. Put bad weather on notice by increasing your odds of a dry trip for your shipments.

If you know a shipping service driver north of the Mason-Dixon line, you know they have a lot of work clothing suitable for all four seasons. From moisture-wicking short sleeve shirts and shorts for hot humid summers to extra-heavy parkas for the winter -not to mention rain suits kept in the truck for the occasional deluge- delivery drivers need to be ready for all sorts of weather.

What about your packages? Can they handle what Mother Nature throws their way? Packaging well includes protecting your shipment from weather that may occur during the trip as well as inclement conditions at your destination, anywhere in the country. This is the case whether you are shipping for yourself as part of a move or shipping goods to a client. While no shipper has any intent on damaging packages, they are not immune to the challenges brought on by a four-foot snowfall or a 24-hour deluge of rain. Following these tips helps make sure your packages resist any damage due to weather conditions.

Use a Plastic Cooler

Avoid those newfangled ones that cost as much as your car payment. Virtually crush-proof and extraordinarily weather resistant, get yourself a generic plastic insulated cooler for $10-20 at your local big box store, along with a box big enough to hold it. Place your item(s) to be shipped inside the cooler. Keep them from shifting with bubble wrap or balled up newspaper. Wrap the cooler with shipping tape to seal it shut. Then, give it another layer of protection by putting it in a sturdy cardboard box and stuffing the box with shipping peanuts or newspaper, so the cooler does not move. Wrap the entire package with a generous amount of tape, too.

Protect Your Envelopes

Shipping company-provided envelopes give a bit more protection than your standard business envelope, but they are still made of cardboard, which is vulnerable to moisture. This could lead to your contents getting wet. If you are shipping to an area at a time when a tropical storm or blizzard is very much in play, consider spending a couple more dollars by using a padded plastic envelope. You can also put the cardboard envelope into a large plastic bag and place the entire package in a well-taped box. Good shipping tape is already weather-resistant.

Vacuum Bag Your Clothes and Linens

Vacuum bags are wonderful space-saving tools. You load up clothes or bedding or anything that can get a bit squished, seal the bag and vacuum out the excess air. There’s an additional benefit beyond the space saved. Placing valuables in vacuum bags will provide a high level of protection from wet weather, be it rain, snow, sleet or humidity. – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

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