Save Money By Buying Moving Kits Direct from the Factory

Do you need to save money on a move? Your first smart decision is choosing to ship some of your stuff with The next way to save some money is buying complete moving kits and more direct from the factory. Our factory partner gives our clients another way to save big. Find the link on the home page. Having all your moving supplies delivered directly to the door is a relief! No more running back and forth to a store to buy boxes or tape. You can focus on what matters, getting your stuff ready to move.

One-Stop Shop and Beyond is a box manufacturer that delivers over 100,000 boxes every day to their business customers. Offering savings to consumers like you is just the next logical step. Their website has everything you need. Purchase brand new, top-quality boxes in a variety of sizes and have them delivered right to your home. sells packing materials like tape, rolls of bubble wrap, foam peanuts and markers. You can even find specialty items like sofa covers, glass pack dividers and wardrobe boxes. Not sure how to pack your stuff for a long-distance move? This one-stop shop also has packing tips, checklists and videos to help you pack like a pro.

Complete Moving Kits Direct from the Factory

One of the most popular items on is their moving kits. Select a kit that best fits the size of your move or build one of your own. will send an assortment of boxes and supplies for the number of rooms you need. These complete moving kits come direct from the factory and ship for free!

Included in the 1-2 Room Moving Kit for $49.95:

  • 9 small moving boxes
  • 9 medium moving boxes
  • 110 yards of packing tape
  • 1 clamshell tape dispenser
  • 24 ft. of bubble wrap
  • 3 lbs. of wrapping paper
  • 1 marker

Have Custom Sized Boxes Made and Delivered

If you want to ship irregularly sized items (like your guitar collection), can create custom-sized boxes for that, too. Send an email or call the customer service line at 866-435-2269 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. A minimum quantity is required, and shipping charges will apply. Not sure how to pack your stuff for a long-distance move? also has packing tips, checklists and videos to help you pack like a pro. – Passing the Savings on to You wants to help you save on your next move. We can’t help you move the big furniture or the breakable stuff, but we can ship many of your boxes at substantial savings. By partnering with companies like, we help stretch your budget even further. Turn to to ship multiple boxes and irregularly shaped items long distance. Your parcels ride safely on Greyhound buses along with the passengers. The more you ship the more you save! We accept boxes with a maximum size of 29”x47”x82” and weighing up to 100 lbs. Consider the advantage and discover a better way to send your packages across the country. Visit, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order.