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GPX Service Centers are Conveniently Located to Help with Your Shipping Needs

In some cities, like Chicago and San Antonio, the Greyhound bus terminals that accept Busfreighter.com shipments are in busy downtown areas. This makes it harder for suburban customers living outside of downtown to conveniently drop off their packages. The solution is to team up with third-party businesses to create a network of authorized GPX Service Centers. If you aren’t familiar with these locations, let us answer all your questions!



How do I find the GPX Service Center nearest me?


On our website, Busfreighter.com, you can find the closest GPX Service Center or Greyhound bus terminal to your location by entering your zip code. For example, in Rolling Meadows, IL (outside of Chicago), our GPX Service Center is Larson Express. It is one of our longest-running and busiest locations. It saves customers from having to drive packages directly to the downtown  Greyhound terminal.



Why the change?


These service locations are an adjustment rather than a change. To improve bus passenger service, Greyhound reduced the number of full service agencies in outlying/suburban areas to speed up passenger transit times. Busfreighter.com and Greyhound Package Express teamed up to support third-party service centers online for our customer’s convenience with plans to expand in many large metropolitan areas.



What services do GPX Service Centers provide?


They accept packages that have been booked online and are pre-labeled. You cannot book your shipment at these centers. Currently, it is only a drop-off location with plans to expand these locations for shipment pick-up soon. GPX arranges for packages to be picked up at these centers and delivered to the designated bus terminal. Greyhound then weighs, measures and processes the shipment for transport.



When can I drop off my packages?


GPX Service Centers operate out of third party businesses. They are not part of the Greyhound intercity network. As such, the service centers operate according to the host company’s business hours, Mon-Fri 9-5p.



Busfreighter.com – Passing the Savings on to You


Let Busfreighter.com and GPX make your shipping experience easier and more affordable. Look for a GPX Service Center near you! Consider the Busfreighter.com advantage and discover a better way to ship long distance. Visit www.busfreighter.com, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order.

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