Three Ways to Save on Shipping

You have a lot of ways to ship packages in the United States -and if you put your mind to it- you also have a lot of ways to save some money when you ship. Here’s how.

Shop Around

If you know what you want to ship - the number, size and weight of packages in each shipment- it’s pretty easy to get a quote from a plethora of shipping vendors. Check out these links.

A shipping calculator aggregator shops for you to find the best rate among a set of carriers. UShip is a good option if you have a real big item or lots of items (i.e. a house full of goods) to move long distance.

Standard American carriers may provide cost-saving options for shipping your goods. is an authorized reseller of Greyhound Package Express (GPX) shipping services, giving you a substantial discount when you use The more you are shipping, the more your cost, and this is where a discount carrier like can show you some serious savings, like in this example.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you are running a net-based business, there’s a good chance you have merchandise shipped to you on a regular basis. Recycle the packaging material that comes with your packages. Tempting as it is to pop bubble wrap as soon as you receive it, better to save it for a shipment that you must send to your own customer. Ditto with the boxes - if you are cramped for space, you may have a habit of breaking down boxes and getting rid of them to avoid clutter. We’re on record as not being fans of clutter, but sometimes business is business. Why spend money on new boxes when you can reuse the ones in good condition that you have on hand? You can still break them down for storage. Just be sure to pack your boxes like a pro. If you label the boxes the way we suggest, any previous labeling will be covered over.

If you are moving, use linens and towels as insulation for the fragile items you pack up. A box full of towels makes no sense when you could use them to cushion electronics, dishes, etc. It also saves you money on packing supplies like peanuts. Less mess, too.

Don’t Be in a Rush

If you are moving, you probably know well in advance what your move in date will be. One of the costliest factors with shipping is time - the quicker you want your packages, the higher the cost. This is where a discount carrier such as can really help you save. By sending your items on a bus trip that takes five to 10 days rather than three or four, you can save hundreds in shipping costs.

Taking your time also gives you a chance to collect boxes and shipping materials as opportunities arise, ideally giving you savings opportunities instead of rushing to a store at the last moment to buy new boxes, bubble wrap and other items. – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

The more you ship, the more you save! Together, and GPX have nearly 30 years combined experience facilitating package shipments via a nationwide bus network. Our service is a great way to ship multiple boxes across the country while keeping within your budget. Whether you are relocating to a new city or shipping purchases to Etsy or Ebay customers, is an economical way to send packages long distance. Visit, fill the Instant Quote & Ordering form, buy moving supplies direct from the factory and save.