Discount Shipping Service Options with GPX –


With our flexible service options, shipping with means tailormade service in addition to significant savings.

Anytime you choose as your shipping vendor is an opportunity for you to save money. Our three shipping options offer tailormade savings and convenience, depending on your shipping needs, budget and service availability in your area.

  1. Full Service (Door-to-Door) Shipments: Our most convenient option has your packages picked up at your residence or business and delivers directly to the recipient. This option does require that someone be available at both the pick-up and delivery locations within the timeframes provided by
  2. Semi-Full Service (Station-to-Door, Door-to-Station) Shipments: This option provides either pick-up at or delivery to a residence or business address, with the other end of the shipment being at a Greyhound Bus Station or Convenience Drop Off Location (CDL). You can find a station or CDL with our Terminal Locator. Similar to the Full Service option, there must be someone present at the shipping or receiving address in the designated time frame; and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) will not pick-up or deliver packages without someone signing for them.
  3. Self Service (Terminal-to-Terminal) Shipments: Our most economical option, Self Service orders require a drop-off at a station or CDL on the day specified in your order, along with a pick-up at the destination station or CDL once you have received notification from Greyhound Package Express regarding your shipment.

The three options have some similar processes. Use our Instant Quote page to input your shipment details and then price out the three choices. Once you have selected a service and placed your order, will email your GPX shipping labels within one to12 hours following payment (please note that our discounted rates are only available on rather than going directly through the GPX website). Orders placed during office hours are processed quickly, the 12 hours is listed for after-hours and weekend orders (convenience drop off locations are only available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm local time, no weekends or holidays).

Before drop-off or pick-up, make sure your items are packed well and that you have clearly labeled your boxes, suitcases or other packages. and GPX will provide you with tracking links so you can stay up to date on the status of your shipment. If delivered to a station for you to pick up, it will likely be a 24/7 facility so you can pick up at your earliest convenience; CDL hours are generally 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

The more you ship, the more you save! Together, and GPX have nearly 30 years combined experience facilitating package shipments via a nationwide bus network. Our service is a great way to ship multiple boxes across the country while keeping within your budget. Whether you are relocating to a new city or shipping purchases to Etsy or Ebay customers, is an economical way to send packages long distance. Visit, fill the Instant Quote & Ordering form, buy moving supplies direct from the factory and save.