Moving Long Distance? Save By Using

It pays to save on a long-distance move when you can, since they tend to be an expensive endeavor.

So, you’re looking at a big, long--distance move and you’ve started looking at the costs involved. Sobering, right? It isn’t cheap to move anywhere – let alone a move cross-country, especially if you need to put down a security deposit at your new place, maybe get some new furniture and shipping your household items from Point A to Point B.

For people moving without furniture (more on that in a bit*), offers an inexpensive alternative to the bigger name alternatives out there. How much can we save you? Check out this example - eight boxes weighing 200 lbs., going from Miami to San Francisco, includes pick-up and delivery, for $283 … $266 less than USPS, over $400 less than FedEx and nea...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Discount Shipping Service Options with GPX –


With our flexible service options, shipping with means tailormade service in addition to significant savings.

Anytime you choose as your shipping vendor is an opportunity for you to save money. Our three shipping options offer tailormade savings and convenience, depending on your shipping needs, budget and service availability in your area.

  1. Full Service (Door-to-Door) Shipments: Our most convenient option has your packages picked up at your residence or business and delivers directly to the recipient. This option does require that someone be available at both the pick-up and delivery locations within the timeframes provided by
  2. Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2019

Where to Buy Discount Moving Supplies -

Not only does help you by offering seriously low rates on shipping - when it comes to purchasing shipping supplies, you can enjoy similar discounts by buying direct from the manufacturer.

Cut out the middleman by purchasing moving kits on directly from the factory, which offers a wide variety of supplies for packaging everything from single shipments to moving households, delivering 100,000 boxes per day to business customers. The savings start as soon as you place your order, since you won’t be charged for shipping!

Convenient Moving Kits

The most popular selections for people moving from an apartment or house are moving kits, which are sold in a variety of size options. Picking the right kit is simple - count the ...Read Full Story

Posted: Monday, February 11, 2019

Furniture, Fragile Items, and Electronics - Shipping with

Want a great experience with Learning what to ship -and what not to ship - using our service is the key. gives you (very) low-cost long-distance shipping options through our partnership with Greyhound Package Express (GPX). Our customers all over the country can send multi-box shipments long distance by utilizing the cargo space in Greyhound’s 1,000+ bus fleet. It’s a great way to move things at a discount compared to traditional carriers, although service is not always the perfect choice for certain types of things.

Leave the Shipping to Them

Furniture: We help lots of people with long distance moves, but w...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Three Ways to Save on Shipping

You have a lot of ways to ship packages in the United States -and if you put your mind to it- you also have a lot of ways to save some money when you ship. Here’s how.

Shop Around

If you know what you want to ship - the number, size and weight of packages in each shipment- it’s pretty easy to get a quote from a plethora of shipping vendors. Check out these links.

A shipping calculator aggregator shops for you to find the best rate among a set of carriers. UShip is a good option if you have a real big item or lots of items (i.e. a house full of goods) to move long distance.

How Much More Can You Save With Our Customer Referral Program? rewards customers for recommending our service to others. Referrals are an important element in a successful marketing mix for any business.

Customer referrals tell us that not only do you have a great experience with our company, you want to share that experience with friends who may also have shipping needs. Smart businesses know the three keys to a robust referral network:

  1. Provide a great experience for their customers
  2. Make it easy way for customers to refer the company to others
  3. Give a financial incentive from the company to a customer who gives a referral Customer Referral Program

We know customers who choose are doing so in part because of our low cost compared to other carriers. Saving money matters to them. With our Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cost & Convenience of Discount Shipping Service -


Three great reasons to ship with

COST – The Package Express (GPX) partnership offers you tremendous discounts when shipping freight across a state or across the country. By purchasing the unused cargo space on the nationwide network of over 1,000 Greyhound buses, acts as a discount reseller, passing on to shipping customers substantial savings when compared to big-name carriers. Use our Instant Quote & Ordering Form, get a custom quote based on the specifics of your shipment, quickly see how you can save and order right on our home page. Online reviewers rave about their savings. For instance:

  • one customer ships four 40 lb.-boxes from Nashville, TN to Portland, OR for only $150<...Read Full Story

    Posted: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

4 Packing Tips to Ensure Safe & Successful Delivery

“Contents may have shifted during shipping.” You see this warning on a box of cereal. It’s not something you want happening to the stuff in packages that you’re shipping.

Shipping means entrusting your packages to a shipping and delivery service while moving them from Point A to Point B. That means they are loaded and unloaded at least once, more often multiple times, along with any other packages making the same trip. Packing your boxes securely, with protection in mind, gives them the best chance to make the trip unscathed.

Choose the Right Box

It starts with choosing the right box. Ideally you have a box that offers just enough room for your items and protective materials all around them. While a box doesn’t have to be new to be adequate for your needs, it needs to be free of defects and retain its shape. Go to a national chain sto...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ship Auto Parts on Greyhound For Less -

Selling auto parts is an increasingly big business.

In 2015, the American aftermarket automobile parts industry clocked in at $68.8 billion, a number that experts predict will rise steadily for the foreseeable future. This business benefits tremendously from the rise and public acceptance of online sales, especially the used parts segment, for everything from vehicle restorations to simply fixing everyday drivers. Salvage yards, for instance, now have national and international markets versus a geographically restricted market for previous generations of vehicles. About 1.1 million auto parts sources are listed on eBay for North America alone.

A particular challenge with auto parts sales is delivery. With its global growth and new online allure, buyers are less likely to drive down to a local shop and pick up their new parts in person. They need their pa...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Surfboards, Car Fenders, and Other Things You Can Ship with

Not every package you want to ship fits into a standard-sized box.

Customers are always asking how big of a package can we ship. It’s one of the most common questions we answer, truth be told. The size limit for an item shipped by our partners at Greyhound Package Express (GPX) is 29-inches by 47-inches by 82-inches, roughly 2.5 ft x 4 ft x 6.5 ft. The weight limit on a single package is 100 pounds.

What could you ship that fits into those parameters? Surfboards, posts for a soccer goal, the fender for a car, a rolled-up midsize rug, tires, a bunch of hockey sticks, a few six-foot sections of threaded rod … the list is only limited to our size requirements, of course.

If you have an oddly-shaped something to ship, you may find that it won’t fit into any standard box, let alone a box that meets our size limitations. Fortunat...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Busfreighter Service Alerts Inform You of Any Potential Delays

The United States is the fourth largest country by area in the world. That means all kinds of weather can affect shipments, from sea to shining sea. and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) work together to provide reliable, low-cost shipping services across the country. With a fleet of over 1,100 buses, GPX is on the road across the country 24/7. This means the buses, passengers and cargo are sometimes traveling in less than ideal weather conditions.

Greyhound does everything it can to make sure buses stay on schedule. Sometimes, though, Mother Nature and state police will throw up (literal) road blocks, causing delays or even cancellations of routes.

Any time weather delays are impacting shipments, we will post a service alert link at the top right of our homepag...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Protecting Shipments from Inclement Weather -

Shipping during the threat of inclement weather may mean exposing your packages to the elements. Put bad weather on notice by increasing your odds of a dry trip for your shipments.

If you know a shipping service driver north of the Mason-Dixon line, you know they have a lot of work clothing suitable for all four seasons. From moisture-wicking short sleeve shirts and shorts for hot humid summers to extra-heavy parkas for the winter -not to mention rain suits kept in the truck for the occasional deluge- delivery drivers need to be ready for all sorts of weather.

What about your packages? Can they handle what Mother Nature throws their way? Packaging well includes protecting your shipment from weather that may occur during the trip as well as inclement conditions at your destination, anywhere in the country. This is the case w...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Time, Charges, Packaging, and Communication Can Hurt Your eBay Seller Rating

“Shipping Time” and “Shipping Charges” are two of the four factors that determine your eBay seller rating. Make sure you keep them strong.

How many of us have find an item we want on eBay only to be stopped from purchasing when we see excessive shipping charges or marginal buyer reviews about the seller’s shipping performance? A poor overall seller rating can derail a thriving or promising eBay-based business. If you sell frequently on eBay or hope to start doing so, these shipping tips can help keep your business in review heaven.

Invest in Your Shipping

If you are moving in volume, you need to have plenty of shipping supplies on hand. The bare necessities include:

  • Boxes and envelopes that can fit any of the items you are selling
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Label printer

Anot...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Make Shipping Holiday Presents a Breeze with

Save some cash shipping holiday gifts with and make memories with your long-distance friends and relatives.

The holidays are ideally chock-full of joy and cheer. For most people, one of the most fun parts of the entire holiday season is the giving and receiving of gifts. While the old adage suggests that size doesn't matter, the reality is a large gift can elicit a big wow reaction from the recipient. That seems terrific until you realize the wow gift is several cities, counties or states away from where it needs to be. What are your holiday shipping options here?

If you are loading up the sleigh (read: car) and are heading to the giftee’s home for a holiday celebration, can you take the gift(s) with you? Although you may be operating on the “bigger = better” premise for the present, by the time you’ve loaded up the “sleigh” with your family, lugga...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tips for Moving Around the Christmas and New Years Holidays

Just think of what you’ll receive after a successful holiday move - a brand new, warm and cozy home. Such a gift!

For many Americans, December can be the busiest month on the calendar, because it is peak holiday season. Your work days may be full of extra obligations. You’re likely to spend the most money during the holiday season. Your family time takes center stage while personally, you may be thinking ahead to another new year.

Add a move to this whirlwind and two things can happen: You can either let the stress overwhelm you … or you can focus on the light at the end of the busy tunnel: your gift of a new home. Now, how can you get your head wrapped around that?

People move during the holidays for lots of reasons:

  • Returning home or moving into a new place after a midyear college graduation
  • Moving duri...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018

5 Ways of Labeling Your Moving Boxes to Make Unpacking a Breeze

Moving smart starts with packing smart. You’ll seal the deal by labeling smart, too.

When it comes to your next big move, we’ve already given you some smart ideas for where to get shipping boxes on the cheap. If you don’t have a plan for labeling them smartly, though, it won’t matter how nice or nicely packed your boxes are. Frustration at your final destination will mount as you dig through box after box, hunting for something that could have been simple to find, if only the box is labeled properly.  Here are some basic labeling options for you to consider.

Use Color Coding

You know what you can buy today in a much wider variety of colors and patterns than you could just four or five years ago? Duct tape. If yo...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tips for Unpacking Your New Home

Move with a plan and ace unpacking with speed and efficiency.

Moving into a new home can be simultaneously exciting and maddening, with the latter coming into play when you cannot find the things you need to stay on the task of unpacking and settling in - turning the new place into a home.

It is important to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint - the bigger your new place, the longer it will take to unpack and get it organized. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to get it all done in one day.

Label Your Stuff

The best way to lighten the stress when you are unpacking is to pack smart in the first place. Clearly label your boxes, packages, bags, luggage and containers so they end up where they should be at the new place. Why move them twice? Especially the heavy boxes and pieces of furniture - label twice, move once.Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018

When Is the Right Choice to Help with Your Shipping Needs?


Learn more about’s place in the American shipping landscape.

There are a lot of moving and shipping companies in the United States. Why? Because at some point, the majority of the 326 million Americans out there will fit into one of these categories:

  • A college student moving back to school
  • A college grad relocating cross-country for a work opportunity
  • A contract worker on a six-month job in another state
  • An online store owner
  • A new recruit moving to a military base
  • A retired couple heading to Florida or Arizona for the winter
  • A family moving to a different time zone
  • An auntie shipping a big present to a loved one for their birthday
  • A car enthusiast who finds the perfect car part for a restoration three states away

The list...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2018

Buying New Shipping Boxes Cheaply -

One thing is certain - if you are shipping or moving, you need boxes.

Of the various expenses that can pop up when planning a shipment or executing a move, buying boxes to package your stuff can become surprisingly expensive. You also never seem to have enough of them when you start packing up, leading to repeat trips to the store for more.

Depending on how many shipments or moves you typically make -or if you’re planning one big move- it may be beneficial to build up your box supply. You can use online tools that give you an estimate on the number of boxes you will need for the amount of stuff you’re shipping or packing. Then, consider these cost-cutting strategies for getting shipping boxes on the cheap.

Try Free First

Looking for as many boxes for as little cost as possible...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Look for Real Value When You Consult Moving Options -

There’s value and then there’s cheap. Understanding the difference can save you a lot of money.

Moving can be an expensive proposition. Between housing deposits, gas money, shipping costs, new items that need to be purchased and other expenses, the bills add up quickly. This can lead you to choose the cheapest moving option you can find. Sometimes this translates into a no frills move that gives you exactly what you need: easy load, on-time delivery, nothing damaged or broken. Other times though, using a moving company or shipping service that quotes a super cheap price can end up costing you more than it is worth.

Cheap Move Fails

Oftentimes, it’s our realtor who hears the horror stories of cheap moves gone bad. One mom tells the story of her mov...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Plan Ahead If You Want Your Long Distance Move With Pets to Go Smoothly

Tame the wild animal in yourself -as well as your pets- when moving cross country.

Many customers are moving from one part of the United States to another, a life event loaded with excitement as well as some anxiety. If you’re also relocating with a pet, the stress can increase if you do not plan ahead.

Most pets thrive on routine - they can sense if it is a work day or stay-at-home day for their human, they have an idea when you’ll return home from work, they like to eat their meals about the same time every day. Preparing to move and moving are massive disruptions in your pet’s routine, and those disruptions can affect your pet’s behavior. You may notice they have little or no appetite, they cry or meow or bark more often, they have temper tantrums, act as if their feelings are hurt or (in case you own an Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Discounted GPX Shipping for Long Distance Moves -

Long distance shipping the way can be of great assistance to someone looking at a big move.

If you are moving across a state or across the country, getting your stuff from point A to point B is likely one of your greatest concerns. Will I have to move all my stuff myself? What companies will ship my belongings all that way? Are they reliable? How much money will it cost? All great questions to be asking right now.

Ship Ahead

One way to relieve some of the move stress is to ship as much as you can ahead of your physical move. Why? For three good reasons:

  1. Saving Money. If you are considering a move, you’ve likely started looking into the cost of hiring movers versus moving yourself with a rental truck or selling all your earthly belongings and starting over in your new location. ...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2018

Consumer Benefits of Using Authorized Resellers - facilitates multi-box moves of six boxes or more at discounted prices for Greyhound Package Express (GPX) as an authorized reseller. What does that mean?

In the world of business, the term “authorized reseller” typically refers to a company that purchases goods or services to re-sell them rather than using or consuming them – with the service company’s blessing. The point, of course, is for the reselling company to repackage those goods or services in such a way as to provide something consumers need at an attractive price. Online-based businesses such as are often referred to as affiliate marketers.

The concept works best when the reseller is able to purchase goods or services in bulk at steeply discounted rates compared to what you would pay directly...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What Do Clients Have to Say About Working with


New to and curious how to best go about maximizing our service? Learn more from real customers who are sharing their most successful advice with you.

“Mover’s stretch wrap works great!”

  • When packing your shipments, consider swapping old cardboard boxes for opaque plastic totes. They’re relatively light, sturdy and can handle a ride under the bus in cargo holds. Suitcases are a great alternative, too.
  • If you’re set on using boxes, choose newer ones. You can buy complete moving kits direct from the factory on and save.
  • Whether you’re using boxes, suitcases or plastic totes, fill each one completely with stuff. “This will also help them keep their shape,” says one customer, plus – it leav...Read Full Story

    Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Shipping Luggage Without Extra Fees

Get your bags where they need to go. Save yourself some hassle by shipping luggage ahead with and Greyhound Package Express. 

Be it vacationing with family or work-related travel, getting your luggage to your destination and back seems to be an increasing struggle these days, and that struggle can present itself in different ways.

Consider airline bag checking fees. Fifteen years ago, none of the airlines charged to check luggage. Now, only one major U.S. carrier no longer charges for one or two checked bags (Southwest). Checking more than one bag per passenger? Get ready to fork over some dough. Major domestic carriers outside of Southwest, such as American, Delta and United, charge $25 for the first, $35 for the second and a whopping $150 for a third checked bag per passenger (unless you’re a member of their frequent fly...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How Can a Commercial Account Help Your Business?

If you’re a small business with regular shipping needs, open a commercial account with today.’s low cost-low hassle shipping model has proven to be popular with thousands of people across the continental United States and Canada. Coupled with the shipping pedigree of Greyhound Bus Lines’ Package Express (GPX), offers economical package delivery options, attracting repeat customers. Many are opting for the benefits of a commercial account with, which makes it even easier to use our service.

Why Request a Commercial Account with

For many it is smart business - commercial accounts do not always require up-front payment as you may find with regular or even business accounts with other shipping carriers. This is a major advantage for a small bus...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2018

How Can You Save on Shipping Items Cross-Country? serves as an authorized reseller for Greyhound Package Express (GPX), offering you deeply discounted rates on shipping cross country -  (we’re listed under Deals & Discounts on the GPX homepage).

Greyhound Package Express is just one of the services of Greyhound Lines, Inc., the well-known travel company that has transported people and their families all over North America for more than 100 years. When you think of Greyhound, you likely think of unique bus trips where someone else does the driving while you enjoy the ride. Many people do not realize that the big modern buses we see on the highway today also transport multi-package shipments all o...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Make Your Labor Day Move Easier with

How do you make short work of a long-distance move over Labor Day weekend?

The traditional end of the summer season in the United States, Labor Day Weekend is a signal that change is in the air. The days are shorter, kids are returning to school and we pack up “summer” for another year, close the beach house and get back to the regular routines of life.

Labor Day Weekend is also a holiday, one last chance to linger by the lake or the sea or the pool and relax. So, how do you make short work of a long-distance move over Labor Day Weekend? Keep this advice in mind.

Organize Early – There’s no rule that says you shouldn’t take a moment on a rainy day to plan your packing for the Labor Day Weekend move (you know at least one shower will cool it off during the summer). What can you get rid of, so you don’t have to move more than neces...Read Full Story

Posted: Monday, August 13, 2018

Heading Back to College? Save a Few Bucks by Shipping with

Get that college trip moving by shipping cheap with

Late summer is a time that sees literally millions of American students pack up and move to colleges and universities across the country. Here are some tips to make that move as seamless as possible.

What to take:  If you or your student are living in on-campus housing, the school’s residential life office will provide you with checklists of what to bring - and what to leave at home. Pay attention to that list! Every year at every school, freshmen whose parents have packed all their Earthly belongings into the family RV or a trailer expect it to fit into a space that averages about 130 square feet per resident. Not going to happen.

Small living spaces mean small storage spaces, so be smart with packing clothes. Do you or your student really need everyt...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2018

6 Tips To Help You Adjust To New City

How can you restart YOU? Moving to a new location and getting to know your new neighborhood are just the first steps.

Career move, desire for a different climate, getting closer to or further from family, just needing a change, finding your significant other – the reasons why 7 million Americans make a long-distance move every year are as varied as each mover. While most of us give at least some thought to the area where we may be moving, the time spent finalizing the new job, finding a place to live and getting through a successful move means we often get there knowing few people and having little idea of where to go for food, fellowship and fun. Get acclimated to your new home with these tips.

  • Embrace local dining. Your new neighborhood probably has several national chains where you can dine. If you want to get to know the area, ...Read Full Story

    Posted: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hear What Others Have to Say After Shipping with

When it comes to what can do for you, our word is golden - and our satisfied customers tell it like it is. Here’s what they have to say!

Recently, our discounted rates sell The Huffington Post on and our very cost effective way to move your stuff cross country (dare we say, cheap?!). Then, ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona names one of the top four Simple Ways to Save on Shipping Costs. Now, people are talking up! Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

Saved $100’s

All our boxes ...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Four Ways to Keep Stress Out of Your Move

Think ahead to take some of the stress out of a long-distance move.

The stress of relocating cross-country, if left unchecked, can outweigh the excitement of a new adventure in your life. Whether you’re moving for a new job, a new (or old) love, to be closer to family (or farther away) or for an opportunity to try something different, dealing with the move details in advance can help keep the stress in check. Try these plan-worthy tips.

Be in the know before you go - Is the juice worth the squeeze? Use online resources to determine the cost of living adjustments you’ll make in your new zip code. Will a bigger salary be more than offset by the cost of housing, utilities...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Decide What You're Going to Keep, Then Move It for Cheap with

Long distance moves can be a challenge. Once you know where you’re going, the next step should be to decide which method to use - movers, rental truck or shipping.

Big households, full of furniture and the belongings typical for a family of three or more, are often limited to moving it all themselves with a rental truck or contracting with a moving company for a big haul. If it’s a one or two person move or maybe a short-term relocation (job assignment or college, for example), shipping with can be a viable solution. First, think about what you want to move, and why.

Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

The self-storage industry is a $38 billion business in the United States. It’s because we keep too much stuff. And we know it - consider that the A&E show Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Get All Your Packaging Questions Answered

Ready to ship with Make sure your packages are prepared properly, so your stuff stays safe.

The Package Express (GPX) partnership offers you great prices on shipping across the United States and Canada. This latest entry in our FAQ’s in Detail series reviews general packaging requirements. Learn what types of packages are a perfect fit for and information on package size limitations in this post.

Do my items have to be in boxes?
Not always. GPX accepts certain items that are not boxed but are extremely durable. These items must be wrapped and padded to prevent damage to the item as well as to other items in th...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What You Need to Know About Pick up & Delivery partners with Greyhound Package Express (GPX) to provide discount shipping throughout the continental United States.

Learn about our variety of pick-up and delivery options here.

Where do you offer pick-up and delivery service? currently delivers to most major and some secondary markets throughout the United States. Use the Instant Quote and Ordering form on our homepage to manage the availability of pick-up and delivery, which is provided within a 25-mile radius of the terminals where courier services are available. If pick-up and/or delivery is available, you will see a Semi-Full Service or Full-Service option with your quote.

Does and GPX deliver t...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Get an Instant Quote and Apply Discounts on’s ordering process for saving money on shipping is simple, efficient and well, instant. combines an instant quote process for shipping multiple packages with an equally instant ordering feature. Keeping reading for answers to some of your most commonly asked questions about our money-saving process.

How do I order shipping services on

The Instant Quote & Ordering form available on the homepage makes it easy to determine costs and start the process of getting your shipment out the door and on the bus. Enter the number of pieces, the total shipping weight, the declared value (our form gives you the maximums) and the zip codes for both the place you’re shipping from and the destination (or...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What Is's Refund Policy? Refund and Customer Service FAQs

In addition to great rates, prides itself on exemplary customer service.

Keeping reading for answers to some of our other most commonly asked questions about’s customer service.

How can I reach customer service?
We have three ways for you to reach our customer service representatives:

  • By e-mailing [email protected]
  • By calling our customer service line at 1-214-227-9792
  • By calling Greyhound customer service at 1-866-SHIPGPX

What is's refund policy? provides for full refunds when orders are cancelled prior to shipping (shipment pick-up or shipment drop off, whichever applies).

The deferred shipments sold by Busfr...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What You Should Know About Rates and Payments

With the incredible savings afforded customers, questions about rates and payments are the most common inquiries we receive.

Why are your rates less expensive than going directly to Greyhound? markets our incredible discounts through multiple marketing channels, consolidating thousands of customers. This scale allows us to obtain substantial volume discounts that we then pass on to you.  As an authorized reseller of GPX shipping services, we also are experts on the best ways to utilize the unique shipping network and capabilities of Greyhound Package Express.

May I pay at the Greyhound station in person?
No. To receive’s discounted rates, your order must be placed online at using our Instant Quote & Ordering form, comp...Read Full Story

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018

What Questions Do You Have About Shipping With

This is the first article in a series that explores Frequently Asked Questions on First up are questions about General Shipments.

Are there certain items that are not suitable for shipping by bus?

This is a common question for clients who are new to While Greyhound Package Express (GPX) can ship a wide range of items in a variety of package sizes, some things are best left to alternative shipping options, such as large furniture. In general, if it requires special handling, you should consider an alternate shipping solution. GPX also does not ship most electronics, such as televisions or stereo equipment - advises moving fragile items such as this yourself. To learn more, read our blog, Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Save Time By Finding the Closest Drop Off Location

Want to ship packages with and don't want to drive all the way to a bus terminal? You may not have to.

One of the ways you can save with is by using the Convenience Drop Off Locations that are part of the and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) network of over 3,800 facilities in mainland United States and Canada. In addition to the bus terminals used by Greyhound, has hundreds of third-party locations for customers to drop off their packages, which saves time. Relationships with our third-party locations are negotiated by and GPX to offer you even better service.

For example, in the Chicago, IL area, Convenience Drop Off Locations are found in Alsip (south of the city) and Rolling Meadows (west suburbs) in addition to the downtown bus station. In Dall...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tips for Long-Distance Apartment Moving: Comparing Shipping Options

An important step in the long-distance apartment move process is choosing the best method.

When you are moving a long distance away, you have three main options for getting your stuff from Point A to Point B - hiring 1) professional movers, 2) a rental truck or 3) a shipping company like

A shipping company is a great option if:

  • You’re mostly moving boxes and luggage.
  • You are able to move fragile or sensitive items such as electronics in your vehicle or on a plane but don’t have the space for everything you are moving.
  • The new apartment is already furnished, giving you little or no furniture to move.

Professional movers make sense if:

  • Budget is not an issue.
  • You’re moving more than five pieces of furniture.
  • You have a LOT of stuff and don’t know an...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2018 is a Perfect Option When Moving Large, Bulky Boxes

Looking for a cheap way to move cross country? Start with

Whether you run a business where success is dictated by online sales, you need to ship items for a one-time or seasonal relocation or are helping a student move to college, shipping costs are an important consideration. and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) can help save you money.

A Unique Partnership is an authorized reseller of GPX services, which use available shipping space on Greyhound’s fleet of 1,200 buses that travel to 3,800 locations throughout 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces and deliver 2.2 million packages annually. customers have access to discounts on GPX services not otherwise available. The more packages you are shipping at once, t...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Make College Move-in Day a Breeze with

Parents – limit the stress of your student’s college move with help from

Every year during spring and fall, thousands of families move students into and out of college residence halls and apartments across the country. How will you stay stress-free on moving day?

How Can Help

Station to station or door to door, has great rates for a variety of shipping needs, including multi-box, oddly shaped and oversized packages. Fill out our Instant Quote & Ordering form and get the process started. Meanwhile, try these college moving tips on for size:

Moving Out

Springtime means the end of the semester is coming up, with...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2018

How Can Help Your Small Business's Shipping Costs

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding from brick and mortar to online sales, there’s work to be done - marketing, finances, research and development, hiring and more. Too many business plans pay too little attention to an element that can dictate how successful an enterprise can be in today’s selling environment: shipping. If you have a great product and defined your market, but still haven’t figured out the best way to get that product to market, you have a wish, not a plan.

3 Key Considerations for Planning Small Business Shipping

  1. What are the best shipping options for my customers?  Most shipping and freight services are eager to develop and expand their small business customer base. Do the researc...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2018

Are You Losing Repeat Customers Because of Shipping Problems?

Find the right shipping partner to help boost online sales and customer satisfaction.

You can tell an online company is serious about selling their product by looking at the quality of their shipping services. Poor fulfillment typically indicates that convenient, reliable shipping and a satisfying customer experience are afterthoughts that could ruin a sale. If you’re putting so much effort into building a successful online business, why ignore this critical step?

Going for the Big Reveal

Today’s ecommerce businesses are putting a great deal of energy into impressing their customers, so they’ll come back for more. Customers want to be wowed when they open a box – they’re even sharing these big reveals on social media with an immediate review that can either help or hurt your marketing efforts. Savvy ecommerce owners realize...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Track Packages with

It makes good business sense to track shipments and keep your customers informed. It’s the kind of customer service that could be a big win for your company.

If you are a small business, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your relationships with customers and increase sales. When you ship with, the best way to relay the status of a customer’s shipment is tracking the packages for them. Using this type of customer service can win you repeat business.

5 Reasons to Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

Before you question the idea that tracking customer shipments can attract and retain business, consider what going that extra mile means to your clientele. Being proactive on their behalf shows you care about their buying experience. Need more convincing? Here are five good reasons to track a package:<...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018 Lets You Track Packages and Follow Changes to the Shipping Schedule service alerts keep you informed of weather-related shipping interruptions.

Hazardous weather conditions sometimes cause the cancellation of Greyhound bus routes in the path of a storm, which can disrupt the scheduled delivery of packages sent through and Greyhound Package Express. When unforeseen disruptions occur, keeps our shipping customers informed by posting online service alerts.

You can find a service alert link posted at the top right-hand corner of the homepage when shipment service is affected. Click the alert to view information such as schedule delays and cancellations, the cause or weather event, a list of routes that are canceled or delayed, when the revised schedule is in effect and how it may affect shipment pick-up and delivery appointments throughout the region. We u...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018 is Focused on Safe and Secure Shipping

Greyhound invests in 1,200-vehicle fleet, providing new, improved and secure transport.

When the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) expresses concern about the security level of America’s transportation infrastructure, Greyhound takes immediate action to improve security procedures for their transport operation.

The company upgrades 85% of the 1,200-vehicle fleet with driver cock-pits (like those on airplanes), GPS bus tracking and three-point passenger safety belts – and the transition to new or refurbished buses continues. With a maximum passenger limit of 55 per bus, security is already more manageable than on an airplane. Installing greener engines with lower carbon emissions helps Greyhound and keep ticket and shipping costs low.

Safely Delivering Pa...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2018 Remains a Big Hit with Small Businesses

Small businesses are big fans of as a favorite go-to delivery option and have been for years.

When a recent headline breaks about yet another big-name company entering the delivery business, anxious reactions ring through Wall Street. Analysts are worried about the difficulty of building a competitive delivery network and whether businesses are getting caught in the middle.

What does think about new competition? More choices are better for everyone. Plus, small businesses know we are a reliable, cost-effective alternative to shipping with the big guys. We may be the best-kept secret in shipping, yet we offer (and will continue to provide) substantially lower rates than our competitors, no matter who they are. and Greyhound – Knowing What Matters

Every year, Busfreight...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Visit the Terminal Locator Page on to Find Convenient Shipping Locations

Where are the drop-off and pick-up locations for

That’s easy, at your local Greyhound bus terminals. To find a bus terminal near you, visit the terminal locator page on and enter your zip code. Since is the only authorized reseller for Greyhound Package Express (GPX), it means you can drop off or pick up your packages at the 3,800 destinations Greyhound travels.’s online booking system will give you detailed information about your shipment. Just fill our Instant Quote & Ordering form with your information (number of packages, their dime...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How Do BusFreighter's Rates Compare With Other Delivery Companies?

Are you planning a long-distance move? The average cost to have professional movers transport your stuff coast-to-coast can be hefty. Packing, moving supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap and loading unique or fragile items like pianos usually costs extra. Moving yourself can reduce the price of the trip, however, not enough. The money you save on the move does not compensate for your extra time and work involved. How can you save on expenses?

Think About Shipping Your Stuff by Bus

People often joke about mailing themselves to exotic locations when they can’t afford the airfare. Well, here’s the version for real life: ship your stuff by bus. It’s not so farfetched. A recent rate comparison among the big three delivery companies and tur...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, March 9, 2018

Spending Your Year in Different Places? Can Help You Save On Shipping

In 1923, the term snowbirds is used to describe migrant workers who move south to work during winter months. Now, it describes retired people and others who flock to warmer locales like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California when the snow starts to fall. The average winter visitor (the preferred nickname) spends between three and six months residing in warmer climes. They give a welcome bump to the off-season economy of many southern states as a result. When spring approaches, many prepare to return to their permanent homes. Delivers to 3,200 Destinations

Are you a snowbird? Why rent a trailer or overload your car for the trip home? Let give you a hand. Just box your stuff, use our easy-to-book online ordering system and head for the nearest Greyhound bus terminal. What could be simpler? Better yet, arrange for d...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, March 1, 2018

GPX Shipping is Now Even Easier By Booking Online with

Now, things are so much simpler. Our 10+ year partnership with Greyhound Package Express (GPX) on standard shipping services gives you substantial savings on bulk orders of six or more boxes booked through GPX. So, what’s new? Now, you can book all your delivery orders conveniently from our website,!

What is GPX Standard Shipping?

GPX Standard Shipping is an economical choice for many shipments when the delivery time is not critical. Your packages are shipped when space is available on the Greyhound bus running the route to your destination. Oversized boxes almost always require additional transit time.

You can pick-up and drop-off...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, February 23, 2018

10 Years of Shipping Success: What You Should Know About GPX Shipping through

Most people know Greyhound’s reputation as a bus service. Few realize the company is also home to a (very) competitive shipping service.

For over 10 years, and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) have partnered on select shipping services perfect for small apartment and dorm moves as well as business shipping of oversized, irregular, un-palletized and multi-box shipments cross country. We frequently get asked what the difference is between the two companies. While is the only authorized reseller of GPX services, GPX is a division of Greyhound Lines, Inc. - transporting over one million packages annually through its network of intercity buses. Together, we have nearly 30 years combined experi...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2018

Keep Costs Down On Your Move By Shipping with BusFreighter

To keep costs down on a long-distance move, you must get creative. You can purge all your belongings and start over in a new location (harsh, but an option). You can move it all yourself (almost always leaves you exhausted and wishing you used option one). You can also tell your stuff to take the bus (that’s right – it’s a thing and it could save you cash). Don’t know the bus can help you move? Well, we’re going to show you how. - Authorized GPX Reseller

Your stuff can take a Greyhound bus! Moving boxes this way costs a lot less than you might think. Greyhound has been transporting passengers and packages for over 100 years, traveling to 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces, so you can ship boxes almost anywhere. What if you need to move lots of boxes? Greyhound’s shipping division, Greyhound Package Express...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Simplify Your Shipping Experience with One of Our Three Service Methods

Wondering how to get multiple heavy boxes to the nearest parcel store for shipment without breaking the bank? Lots of companies offer services like door-to-door delivery – and charge you dearly for them. How can you save your budget and pick the options you want? has you covered. Select one of our three service methods and simplify your shipping experience. Pick the one that best fits your needs (and wallet)! You may never look at shipping the same way again.’s Shipping Service Options

1.Self-Service (Terminal-to-Terminal) Shipments – makes it a breeze to book your order online, drop off the boxes, and be on your way. You can deliver your items to either the nearest Greyhound ter...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018

Save Money By Buying Moving Kits Direct from the Factory

Do you need to save money on a move? Your first smart decision is choosing to ship some of your stuff with The next way to save some money is buying complete moving kits and more direct from the factory. Our factory partner gives our clients another way to save big. Find the link on the home page. Having all your moving supplies delivered directly to the door is a relief! No more running back and forth to a store to buy boxes or tape. You can focus on what matters, getting your stuff ready to move.

One-Stop Shop and Beyond is a box manufacturer that delivers over 100,000 boxes every day to their business customers. Offering savings to consumers like you ...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Conventional Means of Shipping are Better for Certain Packages

Shipping with is a great way to send boxes and irregularly shaped packages across the country. Since we utilize the unused cargo space on Greyhound buses, we can offer substantially discounted rates to our customers. As much as we want everyone to benefit from great savings by using, some items are not suitable to ship by bus.

Buses and Breakables

Fragile pieces are … fragile. Fine china, crystal or artwork are a few of the items requiring extra protection that and Greyhound cannot guarantee. Suitcases, boxes and many other things filling the cargo hold can potentially shift during transit. While we are up-front about the risks of shipping boxes marked fragile, we can accept them if you are aware there is no insurance coverage. Greyhound Package Express (GPX) offers only declared-value on items. You are ...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2018

Tell Others About Our Great Rates and Save Even More

When you discover something great, you immediately want to share it with others. What if sharing this fantastic news helps save you money? believes in spreading the savings around. Our Customer Referral Program makes it easy to let others know about our substantially discounted rates and excellent customer service. It can also earn you a 10% commission for every order placed from the referral link you send out. Anytime you place an order on, you are eligible to participate in this money-saving program!

How to Share the Advantage and Save

1.Place an order for shipping on

2.Click the “Refer & Ea...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Want to Save Some Money? Get Smarter About Your Shipping

Want to know the least expensive way to ship packages? It depends on how big, how heavy, how many and how fast you need them. These 11 tips will help you save money on shipping anything from auto parts to breakable items.

1) Try One-Stop Research

Comparing rates among the different shipping services takes time. Instead of going to individual websites, try ShipGooder. It is a comparison app that looks at more than one delivery service at a time. Type in the size, weight and destination, and ShipGooder will list your options.

2) Plan Ahead

You hear it all the time, ship early. Packages that do not have to arrive quickly get the best rates. The faster the delivery time, the higher the prices. For small shipments, it is hard to beat the United States Postal S...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, January 4, 2018

From Ancient Egypt to Now: Shipping Through the Ages

Today, we expect our packages to arrive at the requested time – especially if we’re paying for same day or next day service. We expect to receive text messages alerting us to delivery delays or packages sitting outside our doors. Thanks to the latest technological innovations, we may take for granted how fortunate we are as shippers. Looking back at how shipping became an essential service could give some perspectiveand appreciation for what the shippers of yesteryear went through just to send a package.

First Known Courier Service – 2400 BC

The first documented, organized courier service dates to 2400 BC, when Egyptian slaves run stone tablets between cities in the Pharaoh's kingdom. (The first recorded damage to a package during shipment is also way back then!) Ancient couriers travel long distances in brutal heat, which is no small...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, December 29, 2017

Shipping Cross Country? Ensure that Your Packages Make it There in Good Condition

When most people think of weather-related issues affecting their shipments, they think of delivery delays. While this is the most common issue, Mother Nature can also wreak havoc on what’s inside your package. Take steps to protect your shipments from every eventuality. Learn how to pack defensively.

Rain, Snow and Searing Heat

Have you considered how the post office and big delivery companies transport your boxes? They ship primarily via trucks and planes. They head out in all types of weather, which means your packages are subject to the elements more than you realize. Imagine the contents of your box melting from the heat as the cargo plane sits on the tarmac. What can you do?

Deal with Mother Nature

  • Check the Weather Forecast – For time-sensitive shipments, double check the weather rep...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, December 21, 2017

Take the Stress Out of Moving By Packing Like A Pro

Are you frustrated with packing? Does the sight of cardboard boxes everywhere make you break out in a sweat? Let go of the anxiety! Make the most of your move with these handy tips and take control of your packing experience.

9 Tips for Easier Packing

  1. Lose the Cardboard Boxes – Why buy cardboard boxes that you only recycle after the move? Consider renting plastic packing boxes. Companies like Gorilla Bins and Bin It offer these crush-proof, waterproof containers with free zip-ties, labels and pickup/delivery in certain areas.
  2. Create Vacuum Space Bags – No need to go out and buy them! Use heavy-duty garbage bags, rubber bands and a vacuum to reduce your mounds of blankets, pi...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2017

Properly Pack Your Books to Protect Them During Your Big Move


Long-distance moves often pose a problem for book lovers. Packing an extensive collection of hard and softcover texts is tough work and can be expensive. Learn how to protect your library on their cross-country journey by packing them efficiently.

Prepare to Move Your Books

  • Purge your collection – It is a tough decision but reducing the number of books will help your budget. Donate some of your paperbacks. Convert the ones you cannot live without to e-books.
  • Use the right box – Small boxes (16”x12”x12”) are a perfect size. Make sure to use ones constructed of sturdy cardboard to reduce damage during transport.
  • Check for damp boxes – Recycled boxes that have gotten wet can burst. They can also harbor moisture and mold, which will damage your books.
  • Use ...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cheap Bulk Package Shipping eBay Items with Confidence

cheap bulk ebay shipping


If you are an entrepreneur selling merchandise on eBay, you know how important shipping is to your success. All it takes is a few lost, broken or damaged pieces to start unfavorable reviews from showing up on social media. Give your products the best shot of reaching the customer intact by learning how to package correctly for shipping.

Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Learn How to Pack & Ship Odd-Shaped, Oversized Stuff

shipping odd shaped items


If you are shipping something more substantial than the standard-sized box (like a classic car fender, or a 4-foot stuffed unicorn), you know it can be an oversized challenge. From finding the right company to figuring out how to package it, learn the best ways to pack your odd-shaped or oversized stuff.


Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pack Your Boxes with Confidence! Tips for Shipping Securely

pack box securely


Whether moving the contents of your home or sending a gift, the key steps for packing a box correctly are the same. The goal is to protect what is inside and help it reach its destination. If you worry every time you ship a package about the condition it’s in when delivered, maybe it is time to learn the secure way to box things up. We have some tips to help you pack with confidence and avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, October 20, 2017

Affordably Ship Gear & Packages Ahead on Motorcycle Trips

affordable shipping for trips


Summer traffic is gone, cooler temperatures are here, and the open road is calling. If you have been itching to take a road trip on your motorcycle this Fall, we have some great tips for you. Don’t let packing logistics put the brakes on enjoying some of the scenic rides our country offers. It’s time to learn how shipping stuff ahead can lighten your load.

&nb...Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ship Large Holiday Packages Long Distance Affordable

ship large holiday packages


Celebrating the holidays with loved ones and exchanging gifts is part of the magic of the season. If your family lives across the country, sending presents back home takes on a special importance. We have some suggestions to help you find a better way to send your packages long distance. It is time to think outside the holiday gift box!


Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Keep Those College Care Packages Coming, Mom!

ship college care packages


It seems like forever from the start of the new school year to Thanksgiving break when your college student returns home. Did they forget to pack something? Are they running out of supplies? Maybe, they just miss home. The best way to remind them you are thinking of them is with a care package.


Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2017

Finding the Perfect Part at a Classic Car Swap Meet and Getting It Home

shipping auto parts


Looking for that elusive auto part to finish restoring your classic car? Then head to Hershey, PA for the Antique Automobile Club of America Eastern Division National Fall MeetRead Full Story

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2017

Keep Things Festive When Moving During the Holidays

holiday moving


Whether you are grilling out over the Fourth of July or unwrapping presents at Christmas, holidays are a special time for families. Sometimes circumstances force you to relocate at the most inopportune times, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If moving during the holidays has you blue, here are a few suggestions to help keep things festive and fun amid the boxes and bubble wrap.

Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Relocating is Tough. Get To Know Your New Neighborhood Before Moving.

moving to new city


Relocating to a new city can be intimidating. You are leaving everything that is familiar and venturing off into the unknown. How much do you know about your new hometown? Here are some suggestions on how to acquaint yourself with your new neighborhood and the opportunities it offers. They will help you feel at home by the time you pull into the driveway.


Read Full Story

Posted: Monday, August 28, 2017

Love Traveling But Hate the Airline Baggage Frustrations

airline baggage frustrations


Has airline travel lost its luster for you? If flying has you dreading baggage check-ins, sky-high luggage fees, and potentially lost bags, consider shipping ahead. Here are five reasons why you should lighten your load and re-think your travel routine.


Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Having a hard time dealing with the kids leaving the nest?

empty nest syndrome


Are your kids leaving for college soon? Perhaps they’ve graduated and they’re off to start a new life in another city. Before those feelings of loss start lingering and you come down with a case of Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS – it’s a thing), take charge of your new life! Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017

As Moving Day Approaches, Help Your Teenager Deal with the Change

dealing with teenager during move


Organizing and moving your family is a hectic job. There are so many things to do before the big day it is easy to overlook how it is affecting your family, especially your teen. Leaving the people and places they call home is very stressful. Here are some suggestions on how to help them make a smooth transition to their new home.


Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Are you helping a senior downsize and move? Here are some suggestions.

moving a senior

For adults over 60, only a divorce or a spouse’s death is more stressful than moving out of their homes. Helping a senior downsize involves more than just sorting through possessions. Realize that these items symbolize a lifetime of memories and saying goodbye to them is uncomfortable for them. Because this is not a typical move, we have put together suggestions to help you make this a stress-free transition for your loved one.

Read Full Story

Posted: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Learn how to overcome the added pressure of moving as you start the next chapter of your new life.

moving stress after divorce


Dealing with a life changing event like a death, divorce or job loss can be overwhelming. These events often require you to relocate during one of the most trying times in your life. The stress of moving, in addition to these events, can push you to your limit. Here are a few suggestions to help during this difficult transition.


Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Are you moving cross country? Keep the worry and stress manageable.

stress free moving


Are you moving cross-country? Don’t let the stress of packing wear you down. has put together some tips to keep you organized and ready for this next big adventure. If you’re a pro at planning long distance moves, share your advice in our comments. We’d love to hear it.


<...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, July 6, 2017

Affordable Shipping for Bumpers, Car Fenders and Tire Rims

ship auto parts cheap


Looking for an affordable way to ship a car fender across the country but don’t know where to go? Look no further than Busfreighter.comRead Full Story

Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017

Take Advantage of’s Low Rates Without Going to a Busy Big City Greyhound Bus Terminal

gpx locations



GPX Service Centers are Conveniently Located to Help with Your Shipping Needs

Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017’s Ultimate Guide for Long Distance Apartment Moves

apartment moving guide

Moving long distance to an apartment can be hectic and expensive. has some suggestions to guide you through the big move and hopefully save you money.

Do I Use Professional Movers, Rental Truck or Ship?

Decide how you want to move based on what you are moving and your budget. You can opt for a combination. For example, ship boxes with and move your furniture and fragile items in a small rental truck or hire a professional. Here’s a guide:

  • Professional moving company – Use if you have a lot of furniture, boxes and fragile items like electronics.
  • Rental truck – Good for limited amounts of furniture and boxes. Since you will be the labor force, factor in your time and energy ...Read Full Story

    Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Word About is Spreading Thanks to the Huffington Post

Cheap Shipping is making news with our discounted rates! The Huffington Post features in a recent article, We Found A Cheap Way To Move Your Stuff Across The Country. After searching online, writer Suzy Strutner discovers what we already know - is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to move multiple boxes or irregular sized packages long distance. The good news is spreading.

Huffington Post Can Attest to Our Low Rates

It’s a big deal to have a publication like the Huffington Post validate our shipping rates as a real deal. Moving across the country is a major expense. When people learn about our affordable rates, they are shocked. How do we do it...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Moving your stuff home from college? has the solution

ship boxes from college

If you are headed home from college, preparing for a long distance move, let show you an inexpensive way to ship your stuff for less.

Instant Quote & Ordering

Why put yourself (or your parents) through a cross country road trip to get your stuff home from college every school year? offers substantial savings on multi-package shipments going to the same destination.

The process is simple. Visit, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order. Enter the number of boxes, their weight, dimensions and value; where you’re starting from and where you’re shipping to. Decide to have your boxes picked up for shipment or dropped off at one of our locations. Get your quote and order...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Our Rates Speak for Themselves and The Numbers Don’t Lie

cheap box shipping

Shipping multiple packages across the country can break your budget if you aren’t careful. Being a savvy individual, you tirelessly research shipping companies. Through blurry eyes you soon see that the numbers don’t lie. The advantage is the most economical way to ship multiple packages across the country. and Greyhound Partner to Bring You Better Rates

Thanks to’s partnership with Greyhound Package Express (GPX), our shipments utilize available cargo space on buses bound for your destination. Your rate is substantially lower because we don’t have the operating cost of trucks and drivers the way the other companies do. We have a built-in distribution network that travels via bus to 3,800 destinations in the U.S. and Canada...Read Full Story

Posted: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 is the Logical Choice for Shipping Multiple Packages Long Distance


ship packages for less


Organizing a shipment of multiple boxes cross country can be a trying experience. Hours spent surfing websites or on hold waiting for a booking agent makes you wonder if there’s a better way. Before you rent that truck and drive the packages yourself, check out and see how easy it is to ship for less.

No One Can Top Our Rates is the only authorized reseller of Greyhound Package Express services. Teaming with a company like Greyhound, which has been transporting passengers and packages for over a century, gives us a competitive edge in the parcel delivery market. It allows us to offer a variety of discounts you can’t get anywhere else. This is the advantage.

Input Your Info and Voilà!

No log in required for q...Read Full Story

Posted: Thursday, March 30, 2017

Are You Looking for a Better Way to Ship for Less?


(click image to view entire infographic)


For over a century, Greyhound has traveled across 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces to reach 3,800 destinations. Eighteen million passengers travel aboard Greyhound every year but do you know those same buses also carry 2.2 million packages annually? It’s true! Greyhound Package Express (GPX) utilizes existing bus routes and excess baggage space to lower shipping costs in many cases far below traditional parcel carriers.

Save on Shipping with

By partnering with GPX, is able to provide incredible discounts to ...Read Full Story

Posted: Friday, March 17, 2017

Need an Advantage Shipping Long Distance? has 4!

If you've ever sent numerous packages long distance, you know how expensive it is. Before you swear to never do it again, what if we told you there is a way to ship multiple boxes cross-country for half what other carriers charge? Let us introduce you to the advantage, the economical way to get your packages where they need to go.

For over 10 years, has been the only authorized reseller for Greyhound Package Express. If a bus goes there, so can your packages. Each year, 18 million passengers travel aboard Greyhound to destinations in 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces. What you may not realize is those same buses carry 2.2 million packages annually, utilizing existing routes and accessing available cargo space. This is how offers such low prices to customers. 

4 Big Reasons Behind the AdvantageRead Full Story

Posted: Monday, March 13, 2017

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